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Riding For Passion And Cause


India, home to around 150 million two-wheelers on road biking has become more than just a mode of transport. Many individuals find commuting on two-wheeler a necessity to reach their destination; for others, it’s a passion. The thrill of riding long distance on a bike has become a hobby for many passionate bikers.

Imagine, riding on your bike and helping raise money for a cause, sounds fun, right? ‘Goodwind Riding’ an initiative does exactly the same. Individuals who want to ride for a cause connect with the initiative. Once they meet certain criteria they can undertake a journey.

Anil S Nair, CEO & Managing Partner, Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, started this initiative with his first journey to Spiti valley – high in the Himalayan Mountains in the northeast region of Himachal Pradesh. His idea was to raise money to support medical treatment of two cancer affected children. “Donating money is easy, but one needs to put in some efforts to understand the cause,” mentioned Nair.

The initiative works in a simple way, bikers sign up for Goodwind Riding on its social media page. The riders then using social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram get individuals (family, friends, acquaintance, etc) to donate to their selected cause. The proceeds that come from donations are transferred directly to the account of the organisation or the patients.

Commenting on the thought behind this idea, Nair said, “This thought came to me while I was at Cannes Lions, I wanted to do something that would have a social impact. I wanted to do something that would make individuals not only contribute money but put their efforts as well. The forum will be a place where charity and bikers can interact globally and contribute for the betterment of the society.”

The initiative has raised Rs. 13 lakh with just three trips being carried out till now. The next trip is being planned during March-April 2017. Riders are made to meet the beneficiaries before the ride when possible to make them understand the responsibility that they have on their shoulders.

Talking about safety, which is one of the primary concerns when it comes to bike riding, Nair commented, “We do a thorough verification of an individual who wishes to join us. Bike riding is an enjoyable hobby, but when you are part of a social initiative one has to take necessary safeguards. Individuals apart from having all safety equipment also need to give an undertaking; no indulgence in any kind of irresponsible behaviour – stunts, unnecessary speeding, breaking chain of command, alcohol and drugs among others. If an individual is found doing anything irresponsible he is immediately barred from being part of the initiative.”

From a single individual ride to interest from a variety of individuals and groups, Goodwind Riding has made a remarkable journey. The initiative plans to have 15 rides a year which are planned to grow the community.


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