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Pledge To Protect Red Pandas & Their Habitats

red panda

The Body Shop’s most recent Bio-Bridge project in Nepal, pledges to help protect the endangered Red Pandas of The Himalayas. Under this initiative, the brand will build a Bio-Bridge in Nepal with Red Panda Network to save the endangered Red Pandas, at risk from de-forestation and destruction of their habitats.

Since 2007, Red Panda Network have been working to protect red pandas and their habitats in Nepal. They use an integrated, landscape level approach to red panda conservation which includes research and monitoring, education and outreach, habitat protection and restoration, and sustainable development initiatives. The Body Shop will be an active partner of The Red Panda Network to educate the local communities, restore core red panda habitats and reforest degraded forest areas and plant red panda food (bamboo).

The Bio-Bridges project of The Body Shop aims to address the problem of habitat fragmentation by protecting and regenerating corridors between healthy forests, linking isolated and endangered animals and plant species. This allows animals to travel more widely in search of mates and helps them thrive.

The Bio-Bridges programme is part of The Body Shop’s existing commitment to protect and regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat as part of its Enrich Not Exploit™ Commitment. Through this programme to date, The Body Shop has protected more than 17.2 million square metres of habitat in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia & India. The programme has been operating since 2016 and The Body Shop has been successful at these four project sites.