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PM Modi virtually distributes over 1 lakh appointment letters under Rozgar Mela

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday distributed more than 1 lakh appointment letters to newly inducted recruits via video conferencing under “Rozgar Mela”. Recruitment has been done for Government departments and organisations including Indian Railways and Indian Paramilitary Force. The PM says, “Rozgar Melas are playing a crucial role in enhancing the contribution of our Yuva Shakti in nation building.”
He also laid the foundation stone of Phase I of the Integrated Complex “Karmayogi Bhavan” in New Delhi, which is aimed at promoting collaboration and synergy among various pillars of Mission Karmayogi.
Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said, “Today, more than 1 lakh youth have been given appointment letters for jobs in the government. You have achieved this success through hard work. The campaign to provide jobs to the youth in the Government of India is going on at a fast pace.”
“Today the foundation stone of an integrated training complex has also been laid in Delhi. I am confident that the new training complex will further strengthen our capacity building initiatives,” he added.

Recruitment in Railways through Rozgar Mela

Addressing the new recruits, PM Modi informed that while many applicants under “Rozgar Mela” have bagged positions at the Indian Railways, many of them will be included in Indian Paramilitary Force.

He said, “Today, recruitment is also being done in Indian Railways through the Rozgar Mela. Whenever people have to go on a long journey with their family, Indian Railways is still the first choice of the common family. Indian Railways is today going through a huge transformation. Indian Railways is going to be completely transformed by the end of this decade. We have started a campaign to reinvent the entire train travel experience. We focused on modernization and upgradation of railways. This time in the budget also, the government has announced that 40 thousand modern bogies like Vande Bharat Express will be prepared and added to normal trains. This will make the journey of common passengers more convenient.”

Youths recruited in Indian Paramilitary Force through Rozgar Mela

Talking about recruitment of eligible youths for Indian Paramilitary Force, the PM added, “Today, among the youth who have received appointment letters, a large number are going to be a part of the Paramilitary Force. This in itself is a big aspiration of the youth which is being fulfilled. In the last few years, the recruitment process in Paramilitary Force has been reformed. The decision to conduct written examination in 13 languages ​​apart from Hindi and English has been implemented from January this year. This has provided equal opportunity to lakhs of participants to prove their mettle. The quota for districts located on the border and districts affected by militancy has also been increased.”

Recruitment process in Govt jobs “completely transparent”

The PM highlighted that recruitment process in the Government of India in the present day is “completely transparent”. Taking a jibe at the previous government, the PM said, “In earlier governments, it used to take a very long time from the issue of job advertisement to the issuance of appointment letter. Taking advantage of this delay, the game of bribery was also rampant during that time. We have now made the recruitment process in the Government of India completely transparent. Not only this, the government is very insistent that the recruitment process be completed within the stipulated time. With this, every youth has started getting equal opportunity to prove his ability.”

India is the world’s third largest startup ecosystem

Highlighting the fact that our nation is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, the PM said, “Today, India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. The number of startups in the country is now reaching around 1.25 lakh. I am very happy to see that a large number of these startups are happening in small tier-2, tier-3 cities which are not even district centres. Lakhs of jobs are being created for the youth in these startups. In this time’s budget, it has also been announced to extend the tax exemption given to startups. Our youth will benefit greatly from this.”
The PM also reminded that in the interim budget declared earlier this month, it has been announced to create a new fund of Rs 1 lakh crore for research and innovation.