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Parle Products’ ‘Litter Free’ Campaign gets Boost from OOH

Parle Products has extended its countrywide ‘Litter Free’ project and launched an out-of-home campaign in Delhi-NCR on the back of its nationwide TV campaign, which was rolled out in January 2015. The initiative, developed by Havas Media Group’s OOH and activation brand Havas Media Active, seeks to take forward Parle’s anti-littering message in an outdoor setting. The outdoor push seeks to amplify the powerful messaging by creating a live, interactive, community experience, increasing the chances of its successful adoption as a day-to-day habit. It aims to encourage citizens, namely the youth, to dispose garbage in the correct manner – in the dustbin.

The high decibel awareness campaign is currently underway in Gurgaon’s Cyber City and Cyber Hub areas. Key components include OOH TV screens in buildings playing the three variations of the Parle Litter Free TVCs with the Corporate Boss, the Class Monitor, and Lady in the Shopping Mall looking for Mr Clean. Backlit scrollers, a series of snap posters and digital pods urge Delhites to stop littering. They chide and explain at the same time with captivating messages like – “Apne ghar ko saaf rakhna sabko ata hai. Toh sadkon ko kyo nahin?” (Everyone knows how to keep one’s hone clean. Then why not the roads?) and “Yeh kachrewala ka kaam hai. It’s everyone’s responsibility”, making it impossible to simply walk past.

Commenting on the campaign, Pravin Kulkarni, GM – Marketing, Parle Products, said, “Indians are habituated to consuming products and thoughtlessly pitching wrappers, adding to the volume of litter in public places. Our Parle products have disposable wrappers, so we wanted to talk to people, to our youth – to educate and create awareness about this irresponsible behaviour. The OOH campaign is aimed at capturing our youth’s attention, in their environment, with peers and passers-by; prompting conversations and driving them to take responsibility and stop littering. We are already seeing that littering has reduced in targeted locations.”

Anita Nayyar, CEO, Havas Media Group India, explained, “We are glad to take on and execute this ‘meaningful’ initiative with Parle Products. Dirty surroundings are unhealthy, unsafe to society, and allowing littering to continue is akin to saying, it’s acceptable. Parle has taken a stand to go Litter Free and wanted to talk to the youth in their everyday surroundings. We decided to take the OOH route and zeroed in on Delhi-NCR to catch en-mass this audience. To give a sense of scale, Cyber City alone has 4 lakh working professionals and 50,000 visitors every day, which this campaign is addressing.”