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Parle Launches Litter-free TV Ad Campaign

Parle Products, one of India’s pioneers in the biscuit and confectionery manufacturing segment, has announced the launch of its nationwide Litter Free TV Campaign. Parle Products is a brand that generates disposable biscuit, candy and chips “wrappers” and in many instances consumers toss them on the streets and other public areas without a second thought.

Litter not only looks bad but also has an adverse effect on the environment. Littering sends out a negative message to children and the next generation that it is acceptable behavior to throw your trash anywhere mindless of the environment. Parle Products has taken the initiative to set the course for our community and raise awareness with the positive messaging of its Litter Free Campaign.

Armed with this objective, Parle Products has launched the first phase of the Litter Free campaign across the country through a series of Television Commercials. The commercials are set in a series of everyday scenarios that viewers can identify with and encourage them to “Show Garbage Its Place”.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Shalin Desai, Dy Marketing Manager, Parle Products said, “We intend to spread a positive message with the Parle Litter Free initiative and encourage citizens to make a conscious effort to keep their environment clean. Our combined efforts will not only make a difference to the mindset of consumers but also instill a productive commitment.  We are also happy to extend our efforts to the nation in line with the ‘Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by our PM.”

Previously, Parle Products had associated the campaign with Indian festivals and successfully spread the Litter Free message at Raas Garba and Jagadhatri Puja in West Bengal.