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Onmove introduces Samarth programme to empower truck driver community in India

Onmove is a high-speed, long-distance trucking aggregator, capacitated through technology to provide quality service to time-sensitive cargo for sectors such as e-commerce, courier, pharma, and retail. The company has divulged details on the initiation of their novel project, Samarth. Officially initiated on Thursday, May 9th, Samarth will stand true to its phrasal meaning, which means “able”; these programs are devised to empower and embolden them and their families to be able to do well in life. It is a bouquet of benefits offered to the truck drivers that will not only be beneficial to them in the short term but will also cover them under its long-term umbrella scheme for overall progress and prosperity in life. The various programs under Samarth will provide the drivers and their families with a lifetime of welfare and will focus on skill up-gradation with child education, driver training, skill development of family members for higher earning, etc.
The project has already embarked on its journey unofficially earlier this month. The child education program forms have been distributed among the truck drivers, and they are still available for prospective claimants. This program aims to reward scholarships to students who have scored at least 60% in their last academic year and are currently in their senior secondary phase, i.e., in class 11 or 12. Even students who will be applying for graduation and post-graduation are eligible for the benefits of the scholarship.
Onmove’s empathy-driven project, Samarth, highlights the importance of life-altering opportunities for the heroes of our roadways. As a long-envisioned project, it puts into motion a strong compassionate relationship between Onmove and the truck driver community; it establishes an emboldening stance that has programs for overall progress and prosperity.
Quoted on the occasion of the initiation of project Samarth, Mr. Praveen Jain, Co-Founder of Onmove said, “Truck drivers are some of the hardest-working people in our society. They are often the sole breadwinners in their families. They spend days, months, and even years on the road, doing their best to elevate our country’s businesses and provide customer satisfaction in a limited time. Onmove believes that love, care, and respect are reciprocal. As the name suggests, Samarth will capacitate the truck driver communities and their families to gain momentum towards their goals and help them to gain proficiency, prosperity, and progression in life.
Samarth has been a long-term vision to elevate and ameliorate the lives of those who play a significant role in the upliftment of businesses around our country. Logistics has always been a very underrated component of the current commercial ecosystem. Truck drivers and their services are often taken for granted. At Onmove, we are the drivers of the wellness bandwagon that will give a bouquet of benefits to these selfless individuals and their families that will make them adept at life skills and propel them towards success, stability, and contentment.” said Pervinder Singh Chawla, Co-Founder of Onmove.
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