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Suneil Shetty and O2 Cure launch awareness campaign against indoor air pollution and Covid-19

With the pandemic disrupting our lives, the nation has again chosen to strictly abide by the social distancing norms and stay indoors. While this is the wisest option of all, it also gives way to an alarming concern resulting from contaminants like bacterias, viruses, germs, gasses, particles, dust, pollen, and other hazardous substances that keep circulating between the four walls of the homes.
For this reason, O2 Cure (air purification solution provider under Zeco Aircon Limited) has launched #Letyourhomesbreathe in collaboration with Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty. The campaign  will drive awareness around improving indoor air quality and safeguarding people against coronavirus.
This campaign will focus on keeping residences and other enclosed areas free of harmful air contaminants and particulate matter. The health implications can be adverse as the poor indoor air quality has been linked to lung diseases like asthma, COPD, lung cancer, heart disease, and even stroke.
#Letyourhomesbreathe includes an informative discussion series on preventive measures against inhaling COVID-19 ‘Omicron’ and poisonous indoor air resulting from various pollutants in the homebound environment. Through research-based discussions on social media platforms, Suneil Shetty will help the Company spread awareness around the pollutants that the nation needs to safeguard itself from. Also, this campaign is a step for educating the public on the health impact of these hidden particles.
Kartik Singhal, Founder of O2 Cure & Managing Director Zeco Aircon Limited (Member of IAQA, ISHRAE, and -ASHRAE) said, “We are all exposed to the hidden particles that keep circulating us in our homes. Due to space constraints, most of the modern housing structures lacking proper ventilation lead to hazardous air standards in these safest premises as well. Also, landfills release poisonous gases which eventually lead to respiratory issues. Additionally, with doors shut and no filtration mechanisms available, the air indoors becomes all the more unfit to breathe. Airborne contaminants are resulting in an alarming situation that needs immediate intervention.”
Said Shetty, “We all need to stay safe and stay indoors! But staying safe indoors is also important. While we all have been struggling to keep ourselves safe from COVID-19, we have also been ignorant to other forms of deadly pollutants that surround us in the form of bacterial, microbial, gaseous compounds, odor and viruses. Taking adequate precautions is the need of the hour. O2 Cure has launched a great initiative to protect the human race from the hidden danger that needs to be curbed timely before it leads to another health crisis.”

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