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NIO Vision Marathon to raise awareness about Avoidable Blindness


Marathons are a great way to motivate employees to take care of their health and to live a long and productive life. Employees that run have far fewer sick days off compared to non-runners.

For past four years NIO Vision Marathon has been an attempt to raise awareness about Avoidable Blindness. Dr. Aditya Kelkar and Dr. Jai Kelkar of the National Institute of Ophthalmology have been taking the lead in spreading awareness and guiding the NIO Vision Marathon Team to spread awareness about Avoidable Blindness.

Avoidable blindness can be treated/ prevented by known, cost-effective means, yet nearly 75%  of the world’s blind are blind due to Avoidable Blindness. This is mostly because this category of blindness is not given proper attention and many people have not been made aware of this type of blindness yet. Because of this, NIO Vision Marathon is trying to spread awareness about the main causes of avoidable blindness, in order to have the greatest possible impact on vision loss worldwide.

NIO Vision Marathon is an opportunity for first-time runners and also for experienced marathoners. It is an experience to run in a crowd of 5,000 runners. Race lengths are 3km, 5km, 10km, 15km and Half Marathon.

Blindfolded buddy run

This is a special run where two buddies register together. The first friend runs half the distance blindfolded. At turnaround point, participants exchange the blindfold and run back.

This race is conducted under the aegis of Pune District Athletic Association; the records set during this race are recognized.

Date: July 22, 2018