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National Nutrition Month 2020: Protein Report Card

September is celebrated as National Nutrition Month (Rashtriya Poshan Maah) in India. The country not only has the maximum share of global hunger but also has a huge share of obesity. Malnutrition in India is not just about the unavailability of food. It is also about the consumption of incorrect kind of food, that does not meet the protein and nutrition requirement.
A large chunk of Indians follows a strictly vegetarian diet. This often results in insufficient protein intake by them. Vegetarian foods can fulfil protein requirements as long as the diet is planned in an efficient manner. According to India’s Protein Paradox Study 2020, even if the citizens are aware of their protein needs, there is low knowledge of protein sources which is causing poor protein consumption in Indian. This study also draws special attention to the responsibility of educational institutions in creating awareness among students and parents about adequate protein consumption.
Providing a one-stop solution to all the issues is Right to Protein, a nationwide public health awareness initiative has launched an exclusive ‘Protein Report Card’ for Indian citizens to self-assess and improve their nutritional intake.

What is Right to Protein?

Right to Protein is India’s first advocacy program aimed at Right to Protein Education, Right to Protein Examination, Right to Protein Affordability, Right to Protein Accessibility, Right to Protein Intake and Right to Protein Fitness for every individual. The initiative is supported by several like-minded Indians, Individuals, Academicians, Professionals, and Institutions and has also garnered support globally.

What are Protein Report Cards?

Protein Report Cards are designed to help people recognize the adequacy of their protein consumption and the need for amendments in the diet. People looking to receive their own Protein Report Card this nutrition month can log-on to the freely available Protein-O-Meter (Protein calculator tool) and access their customized Protein Report Card.
The Protein Report Card can be easily generated by visiting www.righttoprotein.com and following the below steps:
1.Go to the Protein-O-Meter
2.Enter Name, Age, Weight, Height, Lifestyle, Gender & Food Preferences to calculate daily protein requirement
3.Enter food consumption details for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner
4.Protein-O-Meter will then calculate the protein content consumed from the entered food items
5.Users can auto-download a customized Protein Report Card graded basis food consumption
In addition to the detailed breakup of protein consumed, this report card will also recommend protein-rich whole foods that can be included in their daily diets to eliminate any gaps in protein consumption. The Protein Report Card will help Indians in monitoring their protein intake and help them plan a nutritious and a balanced diet from time to time.