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Mumbai Has a Green Dream


Ever since the Modi Sarkar has come into power in New Delhi social entrepreneurs, innovators and environmentalists have started putting their foot forward with new ideas and projects involving innovative sustainable techniques. The sense of enthusiasm has never been so high because the receptivity was never so forthcoming either in the power corridors feel the innovators.

Alan Abraham a well known Architect & City Planner and younger brother of Bollywood Star John Abraham feels the same and is very excited that he will soon get a chance to present his ambitious plan- ‘The Bombay Green Project’ to the Railway Minister Mr. Sadananda Gowda. He hopes this meeting will then pave the way for getting his project presented before the Prime Minister. In a press conference held at the JJ School of Arts, Abraham, a graduate from the same Institute revealed his pet Project to an audience composed of the school’s students and the media.

Alan Abraham proposes ‘The Mumbai Greenway Project’.

Coupled with the idea of a massive scale rain water harvesting plan across 7000 Indian Railway Stations in the country by Prof. Dr. Budhajirao R. Mulik, Alan’s project is specifically for Mumbai city. “Development must be designed keeping in mind people and not vehicles in a city like Mumbai where population, transportation & availability of land is in direct conflict. We must provide other means like green walking pathways & cycling tracks which also connect people to their work destination, enabling reduction of vehicle traffic on the road & the immense pressure on local trains” the enthusiastic architect emphasized.

What is The Mumbai Greenway Project?

The Mumbai Greenway Project aims to create a modern greenway over the entire 114-km stretch of existing railway lines in Mumbai. It features a continuous, flat, traffic-free and stress-free space for a healthy city living. The proposal does not do away with the existing system; instead aims to improve the interconnectivity, beautify all existing railway stations and proposes to create a potential for new stations. The project has incorporated a sustainable model that will improve Mumbai’s infrastructure.

Social Entrepreneur and Abraham’s supporter in the cause Sundeep Sharma says – “Mumbai and its people deserve a better life, especially when we have almost 18 MP’s either elected, selected or permanently residing in Mumbai City, they must lobby for such an initiative.”

The Mumbai Greenway Project panel at the JJ School of Arts, Mumbai.

Project Highlights  

  • A Multi Layer Transportation-Connectivity System over the stretch of 114-km existing railway lines.
  • Carry major services: Electrical, gas pipelines, water supply and communication lines.
  • Rainwater harvesting for toilets, cafes & landscaping.
  • Solar lighting systems and other modern green methods meet the energy demands.
  • Rentable cycle scheme that would allow people to walk, cycle and use the trains to reach their destination.
  • Jogging & Cycling tracks, Food Courts, Shopping areas, Public Libraries, Wi-Fi connectivity, Spaces for the arts, public performances and art installations.
A graphic slide presenting a glimpse of ‘The Mumbai Greenway Project’.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he aims to make Indian Railway Stations better than Airports many questions were raised about the feasibility of such a project considering the population, space availability, clearances from several ministries and cost. Alan Abraham & his panel were faced with similar harsh questions too. But Abraham remains undeterred and hopes to successfully impress upon the Railway Minister the merits of his grand project when they meet in New Delhi.