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Making Clear Blue A Reality: World Ocean Day


We are running out of environmental issues where we can say that ‘it is not too late’ or ‘there is hope’. One such area where it is not all despair is the preservation of our water bodies. On June 8, World Ocean day is being celebrated globally. It aims to make people realize the importance of a clean and blue sea.

The theme of the day is “Our oceans, our future”. It seeks to encourage solutions to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future.

In sync with the theme this year, we aren’t painting an appealing future for ourselves. The condition of the oceans is depreciating at an alarming rate. 80% of the pollution that the seabeds face comes from land sources. The water surrounding the peninsula is subject to untreated waste from industries and agricultural activities from the entire country. Chemical and electronic waste also finds its way to the ocean one way or another. India stands very poorly in its garbage management problems and disposable methods.

In turn, this waste is harming marine life and leading to the loss of hundreds of species, which is reported every year. If you are wondering how you are responsible for something dying in the ocean hundreds of miles from you, you’d be surprised. There’s a garbage patch in the Indian Ocean, which was discovered in 2010. It is similar to an island filled with waste produced mainly due to human activities.

A film called ‘A Plastic Ocean’ by Craig Leeson, shows that animals swallow plastic disposed of by humans and die, due to blockage in their internal organs. Every plastic created still exists in the atmosphere in one way or another. Such indestructible materials are present in the ocean in tons.

There are environmentalists who are working daily to save what many believe is a lost battle. An Indian organization called Anam Prem is creating awareness to celebrate the ocean, in all cities that are by the sea. The organization has been doing this since 2015, where everyone is requested to come to the sea and connect with it. A crucial way of getting everybody to feel what the need of the hour is.

Not just on days like these, but the way of life needs to change so it can protect what has been naturally created. On the occasion of World Ocean Day, let’s pledge to make conservation and sustainability a lifestyle, not a habit.

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