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Mahindra Group’s #CelebrateDifferently urges citizens to take climate change action

(L to R) Ruzbeh Irani, Soha Ali Khan and Anirban Ghosh planting a tree at the launch of Mahindra Hariyali Campaign

Part of the larger theme of #RiseAgainstClimateChange, the Mahindra Group’s new initiative aims to motivate citizens to plant a tree to celebrate the joyous milestones in their lives. Alternately, individuals who are not able to do so, can simply like, share or comment on #CelebrateDifferently and Mahindra will plant a tree on their behalf as a part of the Mahindra Hariyali initiative.

Planting trees, including improving forest management, conservation, and regeneration, will help offset India’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing a host of wider environmental and socio-economic benefits.

Reiterating his thoughts on environment preservation, Anirban Ghosh, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group, stated, “We will truly overcome the challenges posed by climate change only if we engage every citizen of India to join the movement. We are delighted to provide a platform for fellow Indians, particularly millennials, to contribute towards building a greener India. This would also enable the nation to meet its commitment to create a carbon sink of 2.5 to 3 billion tons as promised in the Paris Climate Change Agreement.”

Under the Mahindra Hariyali project, the group has planted more than 16 million trees in the past 12 years with an annual commitment to plant 1 million trees every year. With this campaign, Mahindra group aims to motivate every citizen to be a part of this action, which will lead to realizing the aspiration i.e. ‘A Tree for Every Indian.’

Bittu Sahgal, Editor Sanctuary Asia and Founder, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, added, “Our climate crisis is real, and India is on track to be one of the most affected nations in the world on account of our large population that is cramped into a finite subcontinent. But within our cultures and our values lies the power to unite and fix what must be recognized as an existential problem. The opportunity lies in naturally regenerating India’s ecological systems – mountains, coasts, forests, grasslands, rivers, wetlands and lakes – that gave rise to our ancient civilization and making it a part of our celebration is a good starting point.”