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Madhuram Charitable Trust: Easing the Lives of Specially-Abled Children

The life of a specially-abled child is not easy. Especially as they are often around children unlike themselves who are able to perform day-to-day functions of life with ease, that these children aren’t able to. This causes them a loss of self-confidence which can lead to severe psychological problems in the future.
Madhuram Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged, specially-gifted, and physically challenged persons by establishing an atmosphere that is both favourable and advantageous to their development, nurturing, and acceptance.

The Role of Madhuram Charitable Trust

The Ahmedabad-based NGO was established in 2019 by Ms Shraddha Soparkar, after she gave birth to a special child. The central aim of the trust is to give back to society by helping those who have not been fortunate enough when it comes to living a healthy and comfortable life. The trust’s activities are focused mainly on helping the specially-abled children accept their circumstances and encourage them to reach their highest potential.
The organization provides a range of services to the specially-abled persons as per their requirements. From providing hearing aids to the hearing impaired, healthcare or financial aid to the underprivileged, and counselling services to the vulnerable, the trust works at the grassroots level focusing on holistic care of its beneficiaries. In two years since its inception, the Trust has made an incredible difference in the lives of more than 80 special children by providing them various therapies, hearing aids, crutches, speech therapies and Botox surgeries. The Trust also runs various awareness campaigns.

Ms Shraddha Soparkar – The woman behind the action

Ms Shraddha Soparkar is an entrepreneur and the Founder Trustee of Madhuram Charitable Trust. She is a descendant of Raja Gokaldas and belongs to the royal family of Jabalpur. She is married into the Soparkar family of Ahmedabad, which owns the Meghmani Group of companies.
She founded the Madhuram Charitable Trust in 2019 after becoming the mother of a special child and witnessing firsthand the issues encountered by such children and their families.
In an interaction with Womensera on the occasion of International Womens’ Day, she said, “Being a woman and a businesswoman requires you to manage your home, children, and work. It is always a sort of a challenge, a war, and it requires a military level of discipline and clarity of vision to manage everything. I am not saying that I have both these qualities, but I try to inculcate them and find a balance between the home and work front. To be honest, I don’t consider the work at Madhuram as work at all. It is like a second home, and as important as the home.”