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Love Sustain-ably This Valentine’s Day

Do not use flowers on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is marked as the day of love. While we find ways to show our love to our special someone on this day, why do we disregard to love our environment, without which we would cease to exist?

Freshly cut flowers are a default when it comes to V- Day gifts. But the damage that causes to the environment is tremendous.

The Flower industry is a short cycle production process which requires usage of a lot of agro-chemicals. This is toxic for air, water and soil. Also, in order to preserve these flowers several types of pesticides are utilized, which can cause adverse effects to the health of the buyers.

The flower industry has boomed up to almost US $30 billion since the 19th century. And the water use for these flowers is responsible for the depletion of natural resources in some of the most water stressed countries. Despite everything, these flowers would end up back in the environment within few days causing more harm to it than good.

According to a UN report, world population would reach up to 9.6 billion by the year 2050. A WRI Report says we would need to produce approximately 70% more food than today by 2050 in order to feed everyone. The resources used in the floriculture industry can be put to a better use towards this direction.

Now, is it really worth to express your love through flowers, if they cause this much damage? If the answer to that is a yes, then why not gift a flower plant, that you grow yourself organically, to your special someone making it even more special to them?

There are many ways to voice out your love to a person. This year, let us adapt a way that would also show our love for our beloved planet, Earth.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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