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We are attempting to measure the development of our leaders: John Kolmer, Global High Potential Program Leader, Dow Chemical


The companies best positioned to succeed in the world of today and tomorrow are the ones that innovate new products, and leverage expertise to advance human progress. Bearing this in mind, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd., a leading materials science company, has taken active interest in investing for resilient, inclusive and innovative leaders to drive a more sustainable future for those who will follow.

In an exclusive interview with The CSR Journal, John Kolmer, Manager of Global High Potential Development for the company, shared the journey of the company’s flagship ‘Leadership in Action’ initiative which brings together investments in Global Citizenship, the company’s 2025 sustainability goals; and its pool of top talent to build sustainable communities around the world.

After rigorous virtual pro-bono consulting on seven projects with strategic non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India, 43 company leaders from around the globe, spent the last week in Mumbai. They focused on projects to address pressing local challenges related to sustainable housing, environmental cleanup, diversity and inclusion, circular economy, and education and career readiness. These causes will be taken forward by local champions of the company in coming months.