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CSR arm of IIFL Group wins big at national CSR awards

IIFL Foundation, the CSR arm of the IIFL Group, recently celebrated their fourth year of operations with three wins at National Awards for Excellence in CSR and Sustainability.

IIFL Foundation received the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Cause of Education’, while its Sakhiyon Ki Baadi programme won ‘Best CSR Impact Initiative Award’ and Director, Madhu Jain received the ‘CSR Leadership Award’

Sakhiyon Ki Baadi is one of India’s largest girl child literacy programmes in Rajasthan and has brought over 36,000 out-of-school girls back to education. To celebrate the occasion, children and teachers from over 1100 Sakhiyon Ki Baadi schools joined through both online and offline modes and presented their creativity.
Madhu Jain, Director, IIFL Foundation
Madhu Jain, Director, IIFL Foundation
Madhu Jain, Director, IIFL Foundation said, “These awards recognise the hard work put by all the students, teachers, coordinators and even village community from interiors of Rajasthan. This has motivated each of us to get closer to our dream of ensuring 100% girl child literacy in Rajasthan, working in close coordination with the state government. We saw some excellent performances by our students which included poetry, dance, music and recitation. Teachers and village elders also participated. It seemed like a large family is celebrating.”
Kanku Gameti, a student from Bhilwada said, “I enjoyed dancing with my friends, everyone saw our dance on their mobile phone. Even I saw the programme by Sakhiyon ki Baadi Team on the phone. Madam loved our dance. Me and my friends come to Sakhiyon ki Baadi every day.”
Sita Devi, Daksha from Kalyanipura, Ramsar said, “I’ve been conducting Sakhiyon Ki Baadi centre in Mavasiya gram panchayat of Ajmer District since November 2018. I’m very happy to know that our work has been appreciated at a National platform, as we received 3 awards. While conducting this female literacy programme, I got the opportunity to learn a lot and this work also provided financial support. Girls loved the online celebration that was organised to celebrate the receipt of this award.”
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