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How to Link NREGA Job Card with Aadhar Card

There are quite a lot of schemes introduced by the government for the people. But, most times, we are not quite aware of all of the schemes out there and how they would actually benefit us. The NREGA is one such establishment for the people in the rural areas of the country. It is an employment opportunity seen through this scheme, and we can find out more about it here.

What is NREGA?

NREGA – it means the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This Act was enacted in the year 2005 to give at least 100 days of employment to the rural households that have voluntarily agreed to do unskilled work each year. The Act was later changed to MGNREGA and promised to give labor to the un utilized or under-utilized rural workforce of the country for the development of different long-term fixed assets like wells, roads, ponds, and canals in the rural the country – to provide employment, livelihood, and sustenance.

Who Gets the Advantage of the NREGA Scheme?

This scheme was introduced as a social law that acknowledged the right to work – and it provides a legal assurance for wage employment. In order to get these benefits, the applicant needs to confine to the below-mentioned criteria:
1) An Indian Citizen above the age of 18 and he or she needs to reside in the country.
2) The applicant needs to have volunteered to do some unskilled work.
Now, along with this yojana (or scheme, we could say) comes a job card. Let’s discuss that, shall we?

What is the NREGA Job Card?

The NREGA job card is a key document that records worker entitlements under the NREGA yojana. It consists of different details about the applicant like name, NREGA registration number, and several other data sets of the applicants in the household and more. It also legally empowers rural families with guaranteed work schemes under NREGA in a transparent way, protecting them from fraud.

What are the Characteristics of the Job Card?

Here are the key features of the NREGA job cards, and you would want to know them in detail:
1) NREGA job card is the basic identification card that acts as an evidence that the person is registered under the scheme and is inclusive of the following details about the applicant –
a) Personal details of all NREGA applicants in a single house inclusive of name, age, gender, address, name of the father, post office account number, or bank account number.
b) Information about the employment record, inclusive of the dates of employment.
c) Photo of the NREGA cardholder.
2) In the case of the applicant not being employed within 15 days of submission of the applicant form, unemployment allowance is given to them, and a job card also would mention the same details.
3) In order to give the maximum advantages of employment to a large number of people, the registration under the NREGA scheme is given throughout the year. This registration is only valid for a period of 5 years and can be renewed as and when it is required.
4) Under NREGA yojana, the applicants are entitled to get work within a 5-kilo meters radius of their homes. In this case, they are given work outside 5 km, and they could also demand a travel allowance or 10% of the extra wages for travel.

How Can One Verify the NREGA Job Card?

Every state conducts a campaign to verify or update job cards on a timetable, and it is the duty of the district co-ordinator and the state government to execute such campaigns on a regular basis. If a similar campaign was held in your state or district, take part in it. A few things will be examined, which we have listed below:
1) Verify the SECC Tin number, bank, or post office account number.
2) The competent officer must attest to the worker’s individual or family photograph.
3) The Job card must be updated with the current demand, completed work, and allocation.
4) This update will also include the linkage of the Aadhaar card and the job card.

The Application Process for an NREGA Card

Any job seeker looking for daily pay labor can now apply for the NREGA job card by following the steps outlined below: –
Step 1: To apply online, you must first go to the MGNREGA’s official website. You must now select the ‘State Data Entry’ option from the portal’s home page.
Step 2: On the new page, you will see a list of states from which you must choose your desired state.
Step 3: After that, you’ll be taken to a login page where you’ll need to enter some information and click the login button.
Step 4: After completing the login process, you must fill out some additional information on a new page before continuing with the registration process.
Step 5: You can also visit your Gram Panchayat with all essential documents to register.

Linking the Job Card with the Aadhaar Card

The only job you will have to do is update the registration data and include your Aadhaar number.


It is never hard to update your NREGA job card, and that is all you will have to do is this update to link the Aadhaar and job card together.