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How to Link NREGA Job Card with Aadhar Card

There are quite a lot of schemes introduced by the government for the people. But, most times, we are not quite aware of all...

CSR News: Women Prosper Initiative Empowering the Rural Women

Global Economy has been plummeting since last year because of trade wars, protectionist policies as well as fluctuation in oil prices. Adding to this,...
Women SHG

Advancing The Growth of Women’s SHGs

EY Foundation (EYF) through its partnership with Action for Social Advancement (ASA), a not-for-profit organization, has joined hands with the Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion...
Youth of India

CSR: Government Initiatives to Empower Rural Youth

Some of the most critical developmental goals that governments strive to achieve are providing employment, securing livelihoods and improving incomes of the people. Indian...

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