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How Companies Can Contribute towards a Greener World

In recent years, the alarming rate of deforestation and land degradation has emphasized the urgent need for action to protect the world’s abundant biodiversity. The current COVID-19 scenario has brought this reality to us and highlighted the relationship between people’s health and the health of the ecosystem, underlining the significance of environmental conservation. This pandemic has given us an opportunity to reconsider how to maintain a balanced connection with nature. The path to overcoming any natural tragedy rests in how we modify our connection with nature, from the climate crisis to the biodiversity issue to averting future pandemics.
Moreover, the preservation of the ecosystem has become an economic need for corporations as well. Many businesses prosper monetarily while trying to improve the world, like the solar and wind energy industries, which are among the fastest expanding sectors, with the global renewable energy market. Investing in such sustainable practices is vital since there is a pressing need to act immediately to safeguard biodiversity. Customers and investors want companies to be socially responsible and provide visible results and hence, they must be environmentally conscious. It is also noteworthy how several corporates have come forward to restore it.
Every company can make a difference and contribute to the restoration of the ecosystem in its own unique way. Here are a few steps that businesses can take to promote a healthy environment:
– Produce eco-friendly products to contribute to a greener economy. Companies need to reinvent goods, upgrade technology, and adapt to new technologies in order to achieve sustainable development.
– As much as feasible, businesses may migrate to a paperless environment. The digital movement is generating more attention than ever before. Despite the fact that the notion isn’t new, the technology we have at our disposal is far more powerful than they were only a few years ago. Companies can focus on green technologies, which use less paper and contribute to a healthy environment.
– Landscaping can be a good option, as it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replaces it with pure oxygen. Employees who take their breaks in the green space inhale fresher air. This will enhance employee productivity and decrease sick days, as well as improve their well-being since gardening is essential for a healthy body and mind.
– Reusing and recycling products can be encouraged among the employees of a company. This will help in preventing the piling up of waste. Several materials may be recycled or repurposed, reducing waste generation in a variety of areas.
– The concept of rainwater harvesting can be done, as it allows us to utilize natural rainfall in a variety of ways. Even the tiniest structures, not to mention the largest, must have a rainwater harvesting system in place to provide a constant supply of water. This water collected can be filtered efficiently and can be used for watering the green space, in restrooms, and even for drinking purposes.
Little modifications in the daily routines of individuals and organizations can create a huge difference in the environment with time. Also, going green will certainly have a clear impact on different aspects of your organization.
Jayashree UllalJayashree Ullal started her journey with Himalaya in 1998. She has worked in various capacities and has played a key role in the planning and execution of business and finance strategy. Jayashree has over 25 years of experience in managing Finance and Information Technology for Himalaya India. She is currently responsible for Himalaya India’s Finance and Operations.

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