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Healthcare For Child Birth On CSR Agenda

Child birth in India

Child birth is a difficult yet an exciting phase especially for first time parents. It is that precious experience that every couple looks forward to with lots of expectations. However, it is very vital for the child and mother’s health. The duo could face life long ailments if they are not subjected to proper care during the time of childbirth.

The awareness towards the crucialty of the situation is widely spreading in the urban areas with parents opting for updated healthcare options and treatments. However, the situation is not so in villages. The rural first time mothers still rely on midwives to execute childbirth naturally which is not always hygienic to say the least. The child, right after the birth is not provided with proper care which often results in their reduced immunity. The mothers too are subjected to infection in improper post natal treatments which causes them diseases in a longer run.

In order to ensure that proper healthcare is available to the first time parents, Greenlam Industries have partnered with MAMTA health institute. The program is focused on improving maternal and new-born child health care to first time parents. The program helps Empower adolescents with knowledge and Practice related to issues on Marriage and Maternal care. The program has been designed to deliver complete antenatal and post-natal care of the first-time mothers and enhance the skills of first time parents on child rearing practices. Currently covering 30 villages, the program benefits over 2000 mothers.

Greenlam Industries Limited is currently India’s No. 1, Asia’s largest and among the top 3 surfacing solutions brand in the world. With production facilities in Behror and Nalagarh,  Greenlam has the largest and widest distribution network of over 12,000 distributors, dealers, and retailers across the country. In the international market, the orgnisation is present in over 100 countries with its own marketing and distribution setup in over 11 countries. Holding 18% share in the organized domestic market, Greenlam is the largest laminate player in the country.

It has always been Greenlam Industries Ltd.’s endeavour to have a positive impact on the society. In accordance with that goal, they have been associated with two organizations that have been working with two different groups in Nalagarh and Behror.

Greenlam is also involved with the Integrated community development program (ICDP) with Society for All Round Development (SARD). The primary goal of this project is to improve education and health status in the community. The project focuses on working closely with government and local governance institution to improve service delivery and capacity of the stakeholders. Under this program, over 40 remedial classes are conducted across schools, to help fill learning gaps of students and establish a child-friendly learning environment.

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