Home Press Release CSR News: HCL provides safety gear in Tamil Nadu

CSR News: HCL provides safety gear in Tamil Nadu

HCL has provided safety equipment to police personnel and sanitary workers in Tamil Nadu as part of its CSR. HCL’s contributions include 340,000 Three-Ply Masks, 66,500 N-95 masks, 19,000 PPE kits and 12,750 litres of sanitizer. The safety gear provided by the global conglomerate also includes 130,000 gloves, 27,000 face shields, gumboots and battery-operated sprayers.
HCL has contributed the safety equipment to Tamil Nadu police through the office of the Director-General of Police, office of Chennai Police Commissioner, office of Madurai City Police Commissioner (ADGP) and the office of Superintendent of Police, Madurai. A substantial part of the overall contribution including 20,000 N-95 masks, 20,000 rubber gloves, 2,300 gumboots and 4,500 PPE kits have been provided to the sanitary workers of the Greater Chennai Corporation.
Speaking about the CSR contribution, Nidhi Pundhir, Director HCL Foundation said, “While the world faces unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our frontline workers including police personnel and sanitary staff risk infection every day as they work towards providing critical services in these difficult times. At HCL, we consider it our duty to take whatever steps we can to strengthen our response to the pandemic while ensuring the safety of our frontline workers.”
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