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Harpic Mission Paani launches ‘Swachhta aur Paani’ to reinstate the importance of water

We stand at a critical threshold today, where we are facing a pandemic and are witnessing the ever-depleting level of water. A precious natural resource, that is imperative for our survival and overall well-being needs to be nurtured, cared, protected, and preserved. Harpic Mission Paani through its new campaign ‘Swachhta aur Paani’ (Hygiene and Water) aims to reinstate the importance of water in maintaining hygienic practices and emphasizing on how there is an increased urgency for efficient usage and conservation.

Over the years, the focus for water conservation has been understandably more on saving drinking water, but with the COVID-19 outbreak it has become clear that an increased need for water is also evident to maintain best-in-class hygienic practices to combat diseases.

Water is an issue that is affecting the daily lives of many Indians. As per Water.Org, 99 million Indians lack access to safe water and 541 million Indians lack access to improved hygiene. Until now, our water-conservation narratives had been focused on making drinking water accesssible, but with COVID-19 we have realized that water is equally important for maintaining hygiene and combating diseases.
Harpic has been pioneering the cause of hygiene and sanitation in Indian homes for decades and has been working towards driving behaviour change through awareness campaigns. Harpic Mission Paani’s new strategic pivot of ‘Swachhta aur Paani’ (Hygiene and Water) rests on the critical components of both water and hygiene, and the aim is to bring everyone together in this mission for a safe, hygienic and sustainable tomorrow.
Narasimhan Eswar, Senior Vice President, RB Hygiene, South Asia said, “RB’s purpose – to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world has never been more relevant. Harpic Mission Paani is one of our key campaigns aimed at raising awareness and driving behavior change on water conservation and sanitation in India.  At this point, the need for hygienic sanitation alongside efficient water management is absolutely critical for our country. Through Mission Paani, we are now keen to encourage all our citizens on driving optimum utilization of this crucial resource for improved hygiene and sanitation that will help save lives. Harpic with this strategic shift continues to play the role of an enabler in providing superior hygiene and healthier homes.”
RB India in collaboration with News 18, launched Harpic Mission Paani, a nation-wide water conservation drive in 2019. In wake of the critical challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Harpic Mission Paani Campaign has been re-calibrated with an objective to save water for improved hygiene and focus on efficient water management.
Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Director, RB Hygiene, South Asia supporting the cause as well as the new direction said, “During the ongoing pandemic, there has been an increased need for water consumption to enable the fight against Covid-19. It is now more important than ever to save water so that there are more people who can use this resource to keep themselves and their homes healthy and germ and virus free.”
It’s urgent. It’s important. And it’s imperative for a better future. Let’s all pledge together for a more equitable, more sustainable tomorrow, by focusing on water as well as hygiene.

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