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Godrej & Boyce brings improved access to clean water for the Takavali Village Community in Maharashtra

As a part of Godrej & Boyce’s community water development initiatives, the flagship company of Godrej Group, recently set-up the sixth water tank in the Takavali Village of Vadval Gram Panchayat in Maharashtra.
The inauguration witnessed participation from key officials from Panchayat, Samitee Khalapur, GCD (Groundwater Conservation District) and corporate social responsibility team of Godrej & Boyce. With these six water tanks Godrej & Boyce in a joint initiative with Water Organization Trust (WOTR) has successfully built total storage capacity of 210 lac liters.
Previously, the company had set-up five water tanks in the Vadval and Tambati villages of Maharashtra to provide safe and clean water access to the communities. These water tanks not only help in improving the communities’ health indices but also bring hygiene to homes, which is a boon for women who would earlier have to go miles to collect water from possibly polluted sources.
Commenting on the CSR initiative, Ashwini Deodeshmukh, Head CSR & Sustainability, said, “Aligned with our commitment towards sustainability and social transformation, Godrej & Boyce has been working in a concerted manner to ensure water sufficiency in communities. We address the water challenge with projects on three fronts: increase water availability; increase community access to water; Improve quality of water. In the last five years, we have constructed six storage tanks, four check dams, enabling access to 210 lacs liters of safe drinking water for the community and ensuring collection and percolation of 240 lakh liters rainwater in the Khalapur region.”
The community water-development initiatives of Godrej & Boyce range from enabling collection of water, recharging of ground water levels, restoration and rejuvenation of existing water bodies, construction of water storage solutions based on current and future needs, creation of water distribution systems, and water filtration to make it suitable for drinking. All these projects are collaborative efforts with the active support and contribution from the gram panchayats and local households.

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