Home Press Release FinTech Company Sub-K to distribute water wheels in Sangli area in Maharashtra

FinTech Company Sub-K to distribute water wheels in Sangli area in Maharashtra

Sub-K, a FinTech platform that primarily focuses on financial inclusion, has distributed 108 water wheels in Jat, in the Sangli area of Maharashtra, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. With almost 850 million people residing in rural India with limited access to basic facilities like clean water, it is a daunting task to facilitate the distribution and access of water to such a large populace. Women and children spend a major part of their day fetching clean, potable water from nearby water sources. This chore is such an inseparable part of their living, that it cannot be compromised, which results in keeping them from attending school or working at a job.
Water wheels are very easy for women to roll from a distance, and even children can roll them very easily. The waterwheel is hygienic as it has a wide mouth opening, which facilitates easy pouring and easy cleaning. Waterwheel has the capacity to carry 45 Litres of water at a time; it is two times more efficient than head loading and in only two rounds one can carry as much as 90 litres of water which is sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 on a daily basis. All this makes water wheels an effective, safe, and durable alternative to carrying water in pots over one’s head.
Namrata Sehgal who leads the CSR initiatives at Sub-K said, “The average distance that women and children walk for water is six kilometres (3.7 miles). Women carry heavy loads of water (about 20 liters) on their heads. This causes severe damage to the neck and spine over time. For mothers and pregnant women, an improved water supply and proper water storage are essential to protect lives and ensure good health. Fetching clean potable water also costs them valuable time that they can use to either study, do other essential chores or get employment. We wanted to help them unburden this load and hence thought of helping them with water wheels. By using the water wheel, they are now getting the gift of time, which is priceless, that was hitherto not available to them. This has enabled more women to work and make most of their time than spending it on only getting water for the household. Children in the region have shown a growth in school attendance as well. Sub-K’s intention has always been to solve the issues of communities in which we operate and build a holistic society in every aspect.”
The water wheel is a drum that has a capacity of up to 45-50 litres of water and can be easily rolled on the ground, thereby taking the weight off the shoulders of women and children in rural India who walk miles every day to get water. With such a large capacity, they have to make fewer trips and because of the high-grade quality of the container, the water inside is safe, does not spill and there is no wastage. The innovation of the water wheel may be simple, but the difference it makes to people’s lives is priceless.
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