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Finolex Industries and its CSR partner’s Relief Efforts

Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) CSR Partner Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) has been at the forefront of the crisis situation, working relentlessly to assist the vulnerable communities as well as the front line warriors.
No stone has been left unturned – from distributing dry grocery kits to daily wage earners, migrants, plumber communities as well as collaborating with Anamitra and Vikas Khanna’s Feed India has enabled one lac individuals across the country to get a wholesome meal, 13,000 migrants travelling out of Pune have been assisted with foot ware and food for their journey, working with Zariya – a Salim- Sulaiman initiative to support local musicians in Rajasthan who have lost their lively hood, reaching out to the transgender community in Pune to provide them with ration and providing an employment opportunity to HIV affected individuals by deploying them to stitch cloth masks – MMF has had a widespread reach and are continuing to explore avenues to help the susceptible communities across the country.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. MMF is a friend to hospitals across Pune city and has been instrumental in fulfilling their needs of life saving equipment, sanitizers, masks & PPE suits. Monthly kindness kits are sent across hospitals for doctors and nurses as a gesture to thank and acknowledge their efforts at the frontline. Owing to a grand gesture by Venky’s they ensured distribution of more than a lac eggs to hospital canteens so patients could get a protein rich meal. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, donors and volunteers enabled the foundation to amplify its efforts and reach. MMF also partnered with other NGO’s to come together to the rescue of approximately 20,000 victims of Cyclone Nisarg, Cyclone Amphan and now more recently Assam floods. In the East they worked with their ground partner Rangeen Khidki.
While battling the crisis MMF did not lose focus of their existing projects. MMF came to the rescue of the 960 Cerebral Palsy adolescents they have been looking after since 2015 and ensured their therapy did not come to a standstill due to the lockdown. Instead the team at MMF launched physiotherapy and yoga sessions on the local news TV channel in rural Maharashtra so the patient could tune in and continue their physical exercise routine. The 680 children who study at their school, Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya in Gholap, Ratnagiri where quickly facilitated with online classes so that their learning curve and progress did not slow down.
MMF strived to complete the circle of kindness by providing seeds and training to 150 families who were returning home with no jobs from Mumbai to Palghar district so they could resort to farming and be self-reliant.
During this pandemic we also witnessed unrest at the border wherein 20 brave hearts sacrificed their lives in Galwan Valley in the Ladhak region. Mukul Madhav Foundation reached out to each of their families and provided financial support. Additionally, Mahabodi International Center, Ladhak was also supported with funds to meet their needs, as ever since lockdown tourists have not been visiting this center.
We are aware the grip of the virus will not loosen any time soon – we are working hard to ensure we can continue to have the support of global citizens, raise funds timely and be available to assist those in need.
Managing Trustee Ritu Prakash Chhabria said, “I am grateful to the friends of Mukul Madhav Foundation, individual and corporate donors, volunteers and other NGO’s who partnered with us to stand in the face of this pandemic with a brave heart.”
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