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Feed Voiceless Street Animals

While we are sitting comfortably in our houses and getting at least two meals a day, thousands of stray animals have almost nothing to eat since the lockdown was imposed. They are surviving on whatever little trash they can find, even the people who care for them can’t step out to feed them regularly. Many of the strays have become malnourished and some have died of hunger.
NGO Animals Matter to Me aims to provide food for these poor voiceless souls. They are trying to feed as many cats and dogs as possible in this dire situation with the help of volunteers, staff and the co-operation of government bodies. They are already started feeding 1,200 animals every day on a regular basis, but there is a shortage of funds. There are thousands of animals still starving in every corner of Mumbai. They are working relentlessly to reach out to more cats and dogs in need in this pandemic.
Animals Matter to Me is a not-for-profit, charitable organization in India committed to the welfare of animals, birds and other species. With your help, they want to reach out to stray animals in every nook and corner of the city, so that no stray animal in Mumbai starves to death. Help feed these innocent souls by donating to their project for COVID-19. The amount donated will be used to buy groceries required to prepare food and also buy readymade pet food.
Animals Matter to Me encourages companies to partner for their CSR activities. Whether it’s a collection run of old clothes, newspapers, old furniture from donors or working at a shelter managed by them. They also conduct awareness programmes in offices and counsel people on how to handle animals, especially those in distress. The NGO encourages companies who’d like to donate funds to be part of the activity, rescue or event they are donating towards.
To fund this project, write to editor@thecsrjournal.in