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Fast&Up successfully concludes Mental Health Wellness Week

With the pandemic, the conversation around mental well-being is becoming increasingly important. To raise awareness on this issue, Fast&Up’s Science Academy held a week-long Mental Health Wellness week, to coincide with World Mental Health day on October 10.
Fast&Up, a sports and nutrition brand focusing on family healthcare and nutrition, invited 15 distinguished speakers through Facebook live session conducted daily, from October 10-16. The panelists touched on all aspects of mental health from mind-set, breathing, sleep, stress management and nutrition.
The aim behind these sessions was to create awareness and motivate netizens to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Mental health affects around one in four people in any given year. The objective of the week-long sessions was to also focus on issues pertaining to good sleep and how a magical mineral like magnesium can give quality sleep and relieve stress. Through this initiative, Fast&Up was able to reach out to more than 500,000 people.
Talking about the Mental Health Wellness Week, Varun Khanna, co-founder, Fast&Up said, “At Fast&Up, we realise the importance of mental health, especially given the world is going through an upheaval in this pandemic. The aim behind this initiative was to bring people together and create an awareness on what is mental health and how they could benefit from these sessions. We wanted to encourage netizens to talk openly and ask questions regarding any concerns they may have had.”
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