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Encouraging Younger Generation To Combat Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution

The environment is shouting out its cry for sustainable living for its survival. The plastic menace and thoughtless actions by the society has led our beloved planet to its slow collapse.

Plastic pollution has caused lethal devastation to coasts, rivers, soil and every natural resource in the world. With its capacity to not decompose for several hundred years, single use plastic and its disposal has raised concerns among environment experts.

Apart from nature, the city life has also been disrupted drastically because of plastic pollution as it impacts the drainage systems causing severe floods during the monsoon season.

In lieu of this, Maharashtra state in India has embraced single use plastic ban officially with a penalty punishment. However, enforcement can only bring certain amount of change. It is the change in attitude that will ensure a sustainable and safe future.

To bring the attitude change regarding the environmental issues, experts have recommended to approach the young generation for they have more accepting and adapting power. If sustainable methods of living are imbibed in the younger generation in a right way at the right time, they can not only bring significant change in the adults but also ensure to adapt the lifestyle for themselves and pass on to the generation next to them.

Cashing on this belief, SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) has introduced “Beat Plastic Pollution” drive in six East Delhi schools and communities, to encourage safe environmental practices among students, teachers, parents, and communities in Delhi. These six schools are part of 50 schools identified as Honeywell Safe Schools, a holistic school safety and disaster risk reduction program.

This month-long awareness drive features interactive activities such as tree plantation drive, sessions and workshops on the hazards of using single-use plastic and environmental protection, and educational games on best environmental practices. The volunteers have engaged with more than 700 students, teachers, and parents, and communities in East Delhi, till date.

Honeywell Safe Schools, is a pioneering school safety program that brings a tailor-made, child-first approach towards risk reduction, empowering children to become change agents for building resilience in the communities. The program will reach 25,000 children, 40,000 parents, and 1,000 teachers in by 2020.

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