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Embassy Group and The Ugly Indians bring together corporates to transform the Hebbal Tech Hub

Embassy Group and The Ugly Indians have embarked on the Hebbal Tech Hub transformation initiative to beautify the public spaces in the vicinity of Embassy Manyata Business Park in Bengaluru.
Embassy Group, under its Corporate Connect Program advocates and create opportunities through which corporates are encouraged to collaborate as a means to solve larger social problems in the vicinity of their workplaces. Facilitated by Embassy Group, corporates within the Tech Park were invited to a kick-off event which witnessed active participation from the senior leadership of 8 corporates like Cognizant, Lowes, L&T and Cerner Healthcare Solutions Limited India.
The Ugly Indians, have been working selflessly to transform unhygienic and derelict areas around Bangalore city. Having previously collaborated with Embassy, The Ugly Indians transformed over 58 hotspots in the Domlur tech-hub area over a period of 6 months. As an additional step, Embassy Group also sponsors a maintenance team for The Ugly Indian whose responsibility is to ensure that any public spaces transformed are regularly monitored and maintained. This includes ensuring the removal of posters, minor civil work, and paint touch-ups as required.
Shaina Ganapathy, Head of Community Outreach at Embassy said, “We have a strong vision to build a fine social infrastructure and sustainable ecosystem in and around the communities we serve. Embassy actively reaches out to corporates to collaborate in undertaking various transformative community service initiatives. We are delighted that several motivated corporates have come forward to help us in transforming our shared Public Spaces.”