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Eco Utsav initiative aims to raise awareness for a green Diwali

Mumbai, India: IndoAsian, a true Indian brand with a legacy of trust built over six decades, launched its ground-breaking ‘ECO Utsav initiative’, as part of the Diwali celebrations.
This pioneering campaign fosters the true spirit of the festive season emphasizing the urgent need for collective action to build a sustainable future. The Campaign will debut in the bustling streets of Kotla Mubarakpur market, Delhi, and the vibrant Mani Ram Bagia market in Kanpur. Its primary aim is to spearhead a paradigm shift towards sustainability and eco-conscious celebrations. By fostering an ethos of active engagement in plastic waste recycling, IndoAsian’s initiative not only embodies the true spirit of the festive season but also emphasizes the urgent need for collective action to preserve our planet.
The campaign is a comprehensive effort to drive awareness and action towards plastic waste management and has been planned cognizant of the festive season and the commotion in the market before Diwali. The Activities include a vibrant market setup adorned with sustainable decorations, an innovative vending machine to reward plastic waste disposal, and a daily clean-up drive to maintain the surroundings and keep the market clean for business. The company will be recycling the plastic waste collected through the activity into a bench, which will be installed in the market. The activity will be amplified over the Radio in partnership with Big FM 92.7 in both cities to increase awareness and participation.
Highlighting the core components of the initiative, Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director of Marketing, IndoAsian, stated, “As a conscious India brand, we believe that sustainable and responsible living is not just a choice, but a responsibility. IndoAsian’s ECO UTSAV initiative embodies this commitment to a greener future and a brighter Diwali. By engaging local communities in the spirit of environmental stewardship, we hope to illuminate the path toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious celebration of this festival of lights. This initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change and nurturing a future where sustainability is at the heart of our celebrations and actions.”

Key features of the ECO UTSAV initiative:

Smart vending machine that accepts plastic waste and dispenses sustainable Diwali decorations as rewards.
Daily clean-up drives and recycling efforts to maintain a clean and eco-friendly market environment.
Engagement with local retailers and the public to encourage participation in the plastic waste recycling campaign.
Daily recording and documentation of the initiative to be showcased on various social media platforms.
Recycling of the collected waste into a bench, which will be placed in the market.
The ECO UTSAV initiative is a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility within local communities. IndoAsian remains dedicated to driving positive change and creating a more eco-conscious future for all.




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