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Eco-friendly Brands in India on Their Voyage of Sustainability

Recent studies found out that almost 90% of Millennials would choose a sustainable and eco-friendly product over any non-sustainable counterparts. One of the most significant benefits of brands switching to “eco-friendly” is making a major appeal to the new generation, especially in urban areas. However, several companies are still stuck in the myth bubble that going green will increase their manufacturing cost. On the contrary, recycled products are a way more affordable option. Also, eco-friendly habits help prevent energy wastage, which lowers utility bills and reduces overheads in the future. Furthermore, sustainable and eco-friendly brands have a different image in the urban audience. Somewhere it takes your brand image beyond profits and business. Also, empathy towards nature and animals helps your brand expand its reach.

6 eco-friendly brands in India

1. Mush

Mush Bathworks collection has been specially crafted for a rich bathroom experience. Mush Bathworks have created luxurious bath linen made from Bamboo Viscose which is super absorbent, antibacterial and anti-odour. Every piece of our Mush Bath linen is carefully made with 100% Bamboo Terry loops to ensure quick drying with a silky experience to the skin. Mush Towels are now available in vibrant colours to suit your personality and style. Experience the luxuriously soft and smooth feel of our comfort line of products made with Viscose from Bamboo fibres. They are light as a feather against your body. They keep your body warm in the colder seasons and cool in warmer seasons with bamboo fibre’s unique property of being breathable and its ability to regulate heat.

2. Mamaearth

One of the most popular organic brands is known to recycle and reduce its plastic usage and plant more than 2,000 mangroves and trees. The company started when Ghazal Alagh and her husband were expecting their first baby. Initially, this brand was curated to target newborn babies and new mothers, but eventually, it expanded its reach and product range over the years. MamaEarth is all about gentle ingredients with no harsh chemicals. The all-natural baby essentials kit from MamaEarth is what every new parent wants for their little one. This best-seller is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin. It comes complete with soothing massage oil that boasts a subtle and calming scent, nourishing body wash, organic body lotion, and creamy natural shampoo made from organic cocoa butter and shea butter to keep your baby’s skin soothed.

3. The Better Home

TheBetterHome’s mission is to provide safe, healthy and non-toxic home care products. We care about you because we think everyone deserves to have a healthy home. TheBetterHome is a brand that helps create safer and healthier homes through their everyday choices. TheBetterHome provides people with high quality, environmentally sound and sustainable cleaning solutions bottled in recycled plastic bottles. They believe that people should always be aware of what they are putting into their homes, as it directly impacts the environment and the health of those who inhabit it. Our formulas have been created to simplify everyday cleaning without compromising performance.

4. Nua

A promise is a promise. And they made one to the customers when Nua was born: to give you uncomplicated, clean & holistic period care through a wellness platform with great products and impactful community and personalised experiences. Nua includes a bunch of people who aim to create simple yet effective solutions for your everyday wellness needs. It believes in the power of positive thinking and all the beautiful things it can do for our minds and bodies. So, this sustainable brand lives by the motto “Every day is an opportunity to be happy”. It’s all about finding ways to bring joy into our lives and make time for what matters most.

5. Mio Borsa

Mio Borsa believes in staying up with the latest trends while keeping up with the latest technology & fashion trends. Furthermore, we believe in creating products that add value aesthetically and functionally! This is why our team is constantly working towards making this universe a better place for everyone! Mio Borsa is a fashion brand that Pallavi Behl founded. The brand offers a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free bags for women, men and kids. It was started in 2016 by Pallavi Behl, and she wanted to create something which would be different from other brands out there. The Mio Borsa collection consists of handbags, wallets, sling bags, etc. These items are made from high-quality leather, canvas, suede and denim. Mio Borsa bags are available in various shapes and sizes, so you will find something that fits your needs.

6. Neeman’s:

Neeman’s shoes are here to leave their footsteps in the world of comfortable and fashionable footwear. It eliminates the idea of wearing heels and uncomfortable shoes just to be a part of the trend. Instead, Neeman’s as a brand has curated a plethora of vegan and cruelty-free shoes that give you comfort and also amp up your personality. This brand has built a brand that fuses comfort with trendiness for fashionable women in the market today. It believes in eco-friendly processes and makes everything using natural and renewable fabric that would be soft and light for your feet.