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Dispose your e-waste and get rewarded


With advancement in technology, a large number of electronic devices are becoming obsolete almost on a regular basis. Bulky computers, TV sets, VCRs, Fax machines, Printers, CD Players top the list. These devices contain harmful materials such as beryllium, cadmium, mercury and lead which can pose a threat to the environment if not disposed properly.

In order to promote responsible recycling of all this E-waste, Tata Power in association with TATA CLiQ, is hosting ‘Earth Week’ till 28th April. Tata Power has collaborated with Karo Sambhav, an E-waste producer responsibility organisation.

Active participants can pledge their support by visiting www.tatapower.com/BetterEarth and deposit their E-waste at the nearest collection centres across India:
1. Karo Sambhav Collection Centres – 176 centres across India
2. Tata Power Mumbai Customer Centres – 13 centres in Mumbai
3. TPDDL Customer Centres
4. TATA Power Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices

Karo Sambhav will also provide a pick-up service (only for Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata) for large quantity (above 50kgs like Refrigerators, Washing machines, Air conditioners etc.) of E-waste by booking a pick up on the campaign website. To encourage participation, Tata Power will give TATA CLiQ e-vouchers up to INR 200 for less than 50kg E-waste and up to INR 500 e-vouchers for depositing more than 50kg E-Waste as a reward.

Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Power said, “With the rapid advancement in technology, all the electronic gadgets that we use tend to get outdated within in a short span of time. A circular economy like ours hold immense potential to augment e-waste recycling and hence, it is imperative to discard electronic gadgets appropriately.”

The campaign week was kickstarted on 22nd April, 2019 on Tata Power’s Facebook and other social media handles by talk on how proper recycling of E-waste can help us fight the bigger cause of climate change.

What is E-Waste?

Unwanted, non-working electronic devices are termed as E-Waste.