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Deepika Padukone: Beyond Films for a Greener World and Better Bharat

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Exploring the actress’s visionary support for startups, diverse ventures and impactful investments.

Deepika Padukone, an icon in the world of entertainment, both nationally and internationally, embodies versatility as an actress, a trailblazing producer, and a visionary entrepreneur. Her journey in the Indian film industry spans blockbuster hits like “Padmaavat,” where her portrayal of Queen Padmavati captivated audiences and her most recent action-thriller “Pathaan” showcased her versatility as an action heroine. The nation awaits her much talked about film “Fighter” paired opposite Hrithik Roshan, which is set to be the first aerial action film of India. As a producer, she produced films like “Chhapaak,” shining a spotlight on critical societal issues and “83” where her husband Ranveer Singh played the iconic cricketer Kapil Dev. However, Deepika’s impact transcends the silver screen with her venturing into unique avenues by investing in startups that benefit India’s environment and innovation.
In a recent season of Koffee with Karan, when Karan Johar asked her, “what’s a misconception people have about Deepika Padukone?” She gave a befitting reply, “that I’m stoppable.”
Her investments reflect this determination. One of her notable ventures includes Bellatrix Aerospace, a space technology startup developed by the Indian Institute of Science. Through her company KA Enterprise, Deepika extended support to this pioneering project.
Showing her commitment to sustainability, Deepika was among the initial investors in BluSmart, an e-mobility startup focused on electric taxis based in Delhi. Her interest lies in fostering ventures that align with her values.
An animal lover at heart, Deepika invested in Supertails.com, a digital pet care platform based in her hometown, Bengaluru. Her investments showcase a diversified interest beyond entertainment and glamour.
Further supporting education and skill enhancement, Deepika contributed to FrontRow, a Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup that connects experts and celebrities to help teenagers enhance their skills.
Partnering with Epigamia, Deepika co-launched a chocolate spread range made from ghee, an idea that merges health consciousness with taste, reflecting her innovative approach.
Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Deepika is actively involved in her foundation, Live Love Laugh, which aids individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. Her candidness about her own mental health struggles has helped destigmatize these topics.
Finally, her skincare brand, 82°E, with its tagline “Born in India, For the World,” has faced criticism for being overpriced but recently received accolades at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023, winning Bronze at the  Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Product.
Through her diverse investments spanning technology, sustainability, health, education, and personal care, Deepika Padukone emerges not just as a Bollywood icon but also as a forward-thinking investor championing innovative and socially conscious ventures. This multifaceted persona defines Deepika Padukone’s prowess beyond the realm of entertainment, positioning her as a force driving change and innovation in diverse spheres.