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The Menace of Smartphones


Smartphones have taken the world by storm. There are already more smartphones in the world than there are people. The obsession of having a smartphone, and network to be able to operate it, is astonishing. Every individual today who owns a smartphone is desperate to find network. It is true that human beings made these devices. But it is almost as if once this device is owned by someone, it takes over their life and starts owning them.

Excessive use of smartphones can take a serious toll mental and physical health. The radiation released from the device can cause problems to the heart, brain, eyes, ears and skin too. According to a study, excessive blue light can accelerate the oxidation process, causing hyper-pigmentation. Experts say the oxidative effect causes inflammation and ruins the skin barrier, making it more prone to pigmentation, increased uneven skin tone, signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Apart from this, constant use of smartphones harms the posture. More than the physical harm, the mental harm they cause is alarming. According to a study, people who use smartphones in bed are more likely to develop insomnia, making them more susceptible to depression. The infamous Blue Whale game which killed hundreds of children and adolescents influenced their minds through mobiles.

Smartphones with their apps, games and videos which could be harmful, have the power to influence more people than any other device. We are aware of most of these effects, yet imagining a day without the smartphone is scary for most of us.

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