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CSR: Society Tea runs tea drive in Vikramgad district

The COVID-19 pandemic induced lockdown created a major crisis in our country impacting the lives of many people. Understanding their struggle and plight, Society Tea brought smiles to many faces through a tea drive.
With the thought of brewing a delightful cup of tea, Society Tea in October distributed 2000 tea packs to the families of Vikramgad district (Maharashtra) in association with NGOs – Kindness Unlimited and Making A Difference Foundation.
The CSR initiative has benefited more than 2,000 families of farmers and daily wage labourers from over 12 villages in the district. Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea said, “With the pandemic having taken a toll globally, it’s the farmers and daily wage labourers who have suffered the most. We, at Society Tea, wanted to contribute to this significant strata of society by bringing a smile to their faces with the nation’s favourite beverage, tea. We hope and pray that they bounce back to the new normal in no time.”
Kindness Unlimited is a bridge between helpers and receivers. It represents the “WORLD KINDNESS MOVEMENT’ in India, whose primary objective is to spread goodwill across communities- local, national and international. Making a Difference foundation believes in holistic solutions to have a reasonable quality of life. They have 3 values- Cause above self, Leadership through ownership and Sense of family.
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