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World Environment Day 2023: Haleon is planting trees using Miyawaki technique to make Delhi greener

World Environment Day is observed on the 5th June every year with the aim of spreading awareness about the threats to the environment in the present day and the need to protect nature. The theme for World Environment Day 2023 is #BeatPlasticPollution.

Haleon’s green initiative

Delhi keeps hitting the headlines for its poor air quality and air pollution. With the aim of adding some fresh oxygen in and around India’s capital, Leading consumer healthcare company Haleon (formerly GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare) has partnered with Green Yatra, an environmental NGO, to plant 35000 trees in Sector 17 of Dwarka Delhi. They have deployed Miyawaki plantation technique to grow the forest over 3 acres of land.
On World Environment Day, Ms. Shanu Saksena, India Head CSR & Head, Ethics & Compliance ISC and Wider Asia, Haleon opens up to The CSR Journal about the company’s tree planting initiative in Delhi.
Talking about celebrating #worldenvironmentday every single day, Ms. Saksena said, “The Earth is our only home. If we don’t look after it, probably the home will not exist for the next generation. So we have to be responsible and act now. We should plant more trees whenever and wherever we can, which will give us fresh oxygen and improve the air quality especially in cities which are polluted. We should reuse, reduce our waste as much as we can and make sure to recycle. We should celebrate special occasions by planting trees and gifting saplings. We should act now to save the environment.”

Miyawaki plantation technique

The Miyawaki plantation technique involves digging the one-metre ground and conducting biological, physical and chemical soil testing to understand its nutritional value. Forests created under Miyawaki method grow 10 times faster, 30 times denser,100 times more biodiversity, 30 times better Carbon-dioxide absorption, 30times better noise and dust reduction, 30 times greener surface area, ascompared to a monoculture plantation.

Partnership with NGO Green Yatra

Speaking on partnering with Green Yatra, Ms. Saksena said “We live in a time when climate change is no longer a thought but a reality. One of the most pragmatic ways to deal with this is to reduce our carbon footprint and not add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Planting trees is very important to the community therefore our initiative of planting and nurturing trees goes a long way in raising awareness about environmental protection. With the adoption of Miyawaki techniques, we aim to reduce air pollution and help people breathe clean. I extend my gratitude to the employees of Haleon who have volunteered and supported in this initiative.”
Watch the full interview here