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CSR News – Welspun India Limited launches Project Saksham across Bihar and Jharkhand

Welspun India Limited, the global home textile major, launched Project Saksham with an aim to connect with the families of Welspun employees residing in Bihar and Jharkhand to reassure them about the wellbeing of the workforce as well as build awareness amongst the local communities around precautionary measures to be taken to fight the spread of COVID-19.
In partnership with social entrepreneur, Udyan Singh Founder & CEO Banka Silk, Welspun is reaching out to one lakh individuals across 15 districts through Project Saksham to distribute masks and relevant informatory material, and to educate them about the initiatives undertaken by the company to ensure the safety of its members.
The CSR project involves 60-70 volunteers visiting the families door-to-door, showcasing videos about initiatives that Welspun has undertaken to ensure proper hygiene, social distance, sanitization, usage of masks and appropriate PPEs to protect its employees from the pandemic. Additionally, they will set up kiosks/canopies wherein people will be made aware of the safety precautions to be followed and provide masks to all members of the community. The volunteers will also be recording messages that the family members may want to convey to their dear ones.
Dipali Goenka, Jt MD & CEO, Welspun India Limited said, “The uncertainty of these challenging times has resulted in distress amongst families of those employees who reside in a different state. As a responsible organization, one that prioritises its employees and community, we aim to ease this anxiety with the launch of Project Saksham. Through this CSR initiative, the objective is to reach out to the families of our employees, and educating the local community about the precautionary measures they need to adopt.”
Welspun India has undertaken several measures including the institutionalization of a robust system across our factories called Penta Protocol, which is a five-layered security framework consisting of social distancing guidelines, workplace practices, thermal scanning, sanitization and several other strict regulations.
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