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World Environment Day: Singer Kailash Kher launches new track

Ek Soch Hai Jaagi is Welspun Group’s collaboration with leading playback singer, Kailash Kher, to commemorate World Environment Day 2020. Sung in Kailash Kher’s quintessential melodious and earthy voice, the song celebrates the metamorphosis of nature as it recuperates and replenishes during the lockdown.

The Earth and its residents have always been codependent and mutually sustainable. Individual and collective acts have a significant impact on the environment, which in turn reciprocates. An ideal exemplification of this is currently being witnessed by all as they see the Earth heal itself – right from greener pastures to clearer skies and reduced pollution.
Taking cognizance of this, Welspun urges every citizen to imbibe these learnings, reflect upon their actions and as we brace ourselves for the lockdown being lifted, emerge as more conscious beings with focus on a sustainable future. Composed and sung by the iconic Kailash Kher, the song rekindles childhood memories. It connects and draws us towards nature and its all-consuming beauty; something that humans have taken for granted amidst their busy lives.
Kailash Kher said, “I am extremely delighted to have partnered with Welspun, a company that walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. Through this special song, borne of the positive effects of social distancing during lockdown, we wish to encourage every citizen to rally for the environment and understand its role in shaping up the future.”
The film features blooming flowers, chirping birds, children’s laughter and play along with a glimpse into Welspun’s myriad CSR efforts in preserving the environment over the years. At the launch of the song, Dipali Goenka, Jt MD and CEO, Welspun India Limited said, “We have always championed the cause of building a greener tomorrow. Extending this tenet, we have launched Ek Soch Hai Jaagi with an aim to inspire people to adopt measures that will help create a sustainable future. A perfect fit for this rendition, we are delighted to collaborate with the eminent singer, Kailash Kher.”
“During the lockdown, as we practised social distancing and reduced our movement, the earth has recuperated without any human intervention. We urge citizens to take notice of this and reflect on the consequences of their actions as we gear up for a ‘new normal’ life,” she added.
Welspun’s plants are zero-discharge facilities with high water and energy efficiency. As the company moves towards achieving growth and success, it will augment its focus on sustainability across business operations to further lower carbon footprint, with optimal resource utilization and efficient work processes.
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