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Top CSR projects taking care of Truck Drivers in India

Truck drivers toil hard across days and nights to deliver goods from one corner of the country to another, for a little amount of money. Being on the roads round the year across seasons and festivals, they hardly get time for themselves to take care of their health and spend time with their families. Truck drivers in India live in unhygienic conditions and are considered a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS transmission due to unsafe sexual practices. The profession is thankless and exhausting mentally and physically. Truck drivers control a major share of freight traffic in India which is based on road transportation. It is worth an effort to improve their lifestyles in order to keep the economy growing. Here are some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects taking care of truck drivers’ health and wellbeing across India.

CSR of Castrol – Sarathi Mitra programme

Lubricant manufacturing company Castrol inaugurated its latest Castrol Sarathi Mitra training centre in Sankagiri, Tamil Nadu in September, 2023 in the presence of representatives from Castrol India and the Sankagiri Lorry Owners Association. The Castrol Sarathi Mitra programme, which has trained over 2 lakh truck drivers since its inception, has made a significant impact on the lives of the drivers, their families, and the community at large.

Launched in 2017, the Sarathi Mitra initiative aims to build a safer, healthier, and financially resilient trucking community. The programme focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle among truck drivers, aiming to shift their attitudes towards healthier food choices and physical activity, thereby enhancing their overall well-being. Additionally, the initiative paves the way for their financial empowerment by imparting knowledge and skills in digital financial literacy, further testament to its holistic approach to driver welfare. With the inauguration of this new centre, Castrol India now manages eight state-of-the-art training facilities nationwide, reflecting the brand’s vision for safer roads, as per an announcement by the company.

Amazon India’s CSR project ‘Sushruta’

Amazon India has announced the launch of ‘Sushruta’, a comprehensive health and wellness programme for truck drivers. Amazon works with over 350 trucking partners who employ thousands of truck drivers. The initiative aims to prioritise the health needs of these truck drivers, who spend a significant part of their working day on the road. In addition, it will raise awareness about long-term health practices, which will be beneficial to truck drivers and their families.
A series of health camps are currently being organized in Bengaluru, Manesar (Haryana), and other parts of the country for truck drivers, offering screenings for over 70 health parameters, as per an announcement by Amazon India. Organized in collaboration with NGOs such as Premansh Foundation, Anchal Health Centre and DocOnline, the inaugural camp in Bengaluru in January 2024 and the recently concluded camp in Manesar was a significant success with encouraging participation from truck drivers, as per a statement by the company.
Truck drivers at Health Camp in Manesar, CSR of Amazon India
The Sushruta programme offers a range of screenings, including blood tests, eye examinations, and dental checks, aiming to identify and diagnose any health concerns amongst the truck drivers. In addition, awareness campaigns and sessions are organized during the camp, which aim at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the truck drivers and their families.
The drivers are provided with a referral card along with their health reports, granting access to teleconsultation services for themselves and up to three family members. Additionally, the referral card provides access to Anchal Health Centre and affiliated government hospitals for health checkups throughout the year.
Thipparaju G, a truck driver working with Amazon’s trucking partner from Bengaluru says “I am thankful to Amazon for initiatives like Sushruta. As we are mostly on the move, it’s reassuring that Amazon prioritizes our healthcare and organizes health camps for our betterment.”

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s CSR initiative ‘Sehat Ka Safar’

Kotak Mahindra Bank announced in March that it has unveiled the second edition of ‘Sehat Ka Safar’, a Kotak Karma initiative, dedicated to prioritizing the physical well-being of truck drivers nationwide. Kotak Karma is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Kotak Mahindra Group.
Under this initiative, complimentary health check-up camps are being hosted which are tailored specifically for this vital workforce. These camps offer free medical consultations and a range of tests, addressing the health and wellness needs of around 3,000 truck drivers across the country through ‘Sehat Ka Safar’. Services such as eye check-ups, assessments by physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists for posture evaluation, dental checks for initial screenings of oral cancer, and an overall health check covering blood pressure, blood sugar among others, will be provided. Alongside providing medications at no cost, Kotak is conducting awareness sessions on government welfare schemes aimed at enhancing the well-being of the drivers.
Up to 30 health camps are being organised across Transport Hubs frequented by truck drivers. Each camp will be staffed by six members comprising doctors and nursing staff from Doctors4You. This initiative is set to extend its reach up to 30 cities, including locations such as Nashik, Moradabad, Kanpur, Rohtak, Faridabad, Bikaner, Bhilwara, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Vellore, Sankari, Calicut, Hyderabad – Auto Nagar, Hubli, Jorhat, Dhanbad, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Raipur, Gandhidham, Indore, Gwalior, and Surendranagar – Halvad.
‘Sehat Ka Safar’ began in the year 2023. In its first edition, 30 ‘Sehat Ka Safar’ medical camps were organised, benefitting almost 3,000 truck drivers, nationwide, as per an a statement from the company.

Varuna Group raising HIV/AIDS awareness among truck drivers

Varuna Group announced in October, 2023 that its latest initiative is aimed at raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and promoting safe sex practices within the long distance truckers community. This campaign comes in response to the pressing need to address the vulnerability of drivers who, due to their constant involvement in extended journeys and possible vulnerability to engage in unsafe sexual practices, are considered a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS transmission.
The brand is partnering with AHF India Cares, a reputable global non-profit foundation working in 45 countries, to provide support for Free HIV testing, awareness, and free Condom distribution. As part of this extensive campaign, Varuna Group and AHF India Cares aims at organising a series of awareness, training and Free HIV/SYPHILLIS testing sessions in different cities across India, with a primary focus on long-haul drivers.
The campaign’s tagline, ‘Suraksha Chune, Swasth Rahe,’ summarises the core message of choosing safety for a healthy life. To visually reinforce this message, Varuna Group has adorned its trailers with striking HIV/AIDS awareness graphics, making them mobile billboards of prevention and awareness. Trucks carrying the HIV prevention message of “Suraksha Chune, Swasth Rahe” will traverse across India carrying consignments & reaching out to people in different districts with their message.
AHF India Cares will provide free provision of Anti-Retroviral therapy (HIV medication), for anyone found infected with HIV, in AHF “PEOPLES’ CLINICS”. Bareilly was the second fleet hub to undergo the training for its drivers and had an overwhelming participation from truckers, as per an announcement.

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division’s scholarships for truck drivers’ daughters

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division (MTBD), a division of the Automotive and Farm sector of Mahindra Group, is empowering daughters of truck drivers through the Mahindra SAARTHI ABHIYAAN Scholarships. Selected candidates were felicitated with a scholarship of Rs.10,000 along with a certificate in recognition of their achievement.

This is initiative aims to transform the lives of the girls by supporting their right to higher education. The scholarships were awarded through direct account transfer during the event held in Namakkal, Tamilnadu in the presence of Jalaj Gupta, Business Head, Commercial Vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra in February this year.
Mahindra Truck and Bus Division’s started the Mahindra Saarthi Abhiyaan in 2014. The reach out programme for this has covered 75+ transport hubs pan India and well defined, transparent, and independent process, as per a statement.