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Supplynote Leads ‘Hunger 3.0’ CSR Campaign in Noida

Supplynote, a food and beverage supply chain automation platform, organized ‘Hunger 3.0’, a two-day campaign to share the idea of routing quality food to the lesser privileged.
In the current times when COVID-19 has struck everyone and caused misery across the globe, the brand aims to motivate people to make maximum use of necessary resources like food.
Under the CSR campaign, the start-up has resonated its core objective of ‘managing better for quality outcome’, only this time it is about collecting and routing quality food from its partner restaurants and distributing it to the lesser-privileged children in society. The idea is to contribute to the health and survival of people in the times when lesser-privileged suffer the most and might be pushed towards inferior options worsening the situation.
The startup organized the CSR campaign in association with JanMan Foundation, an NGO, to execute the entire idea maintaining the necessary safety measures at every level. The event was organized at multiple locations including Rang Mahal Basti, Pitampura, Mansarovar Park Metro Station, Bhopra Zila Ghaziabad etc.

The campaign witnessed food donations from some of the best brands of Delhi NCR including Biryani By Kilo, Cake Desire, Wat-a-burger, Nazeer’s Food, Biryani Viryani and others.

“At Supplynote we are always propagating the idea of ‘managing and routing better’. We are connected with reputed restaurant outlets which are our clients, and our solution enables them to manage inventory, avoid wastage and save money while maintaining the quality standards. This further gave us the idea to send a message wherein people who are contributing should also maintain the health and hygiene standards. Hence, we decided to route the quality resources to the ones who would benefit from it in the current difficult times,” said Kushang- CEO, Supplynote.
The campaign was led by the Supplynote team, which shared the agenda with the popular partner restaurants and invited the contributions. The food was gathered at one place by SupplyNote team and was further handed over to the NGO team for distribution. The distribution was managed by NGO JanMan which was also responsible for setting up the camps at select locations. The CSR campaign was organized keeping all the safety measures in place. The organizers maintained social distancing and proper sanitization, according to the media release.
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