Home Press Release CSR: Fybros collects 800 kilos of waste during beach cleanup in Chennai

CSR: Fybros collects 800 kilos of waste during beach cleanup in Chennai

Chennai, India: In a successful endeavour to protect our marine ecosystems and raise awareness about proper waste management, a beach cleanup activity was recently organized by Fybros at the Ashtalakshmi Temple Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The objective of the activity was two-fold. Firstly, it aimed to safeguard marine ecology by reducing the amount of garbage dumped into these fragile ecosystems. Secondly, the activity had a profound psychological effect on the participants, sensitizing them to the harmful effects of improper waste management and excessive use of plastic.
The event witnessed a tremendous response from around 150 volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. Over 800 kilos of plastic, glass, and paper waste were collected during the cleanup. The volunteers diligently segregated the waste into basic categories and handed it to the corporation officials for further recycling and safe disposal.
Volunteers’ participation gave them a ground-level understanding of the alarming volume of wastage in our water bodies. Witnessing the reality of the situation instilled a sense of self-satisfaction and environmental awareness among the participants. They now hold a deeper understanding of the damaging impact of human activities on nature and its inhabitants.
The community around the water body expressed their appreciation for the impactful initiative, recognizing the positive change it brought about. Additionally, the local corporation applauded Fybros and the volunteers’ efforts, acknowledging the importance of such initiatives in maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment for all.
The activity was done in collaboration with the Environmentalist Foundation of India and it fostered a connection with nature and its current condition, inspiring individuals to take further action in their capacity.
Fybros remains committed to its mission of environmental conservation and will continue to organize such activities in the future. We can create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world by working together.
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