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CSR: Mira-Bhayandar residents use innovation to protect stray animals

Independence Day 2020 was a celebration of freedom not only for human citizens but also for stray dogs and puppies on the streets of the Mira Road-Bhayandar area in Maharashtra. Mira-Bhayandar residents who are volunteering with the NGO People with Paws and Wings took to the streets for a citizen social responsibility (CSR) drive.

Mira-Bhayandar residents on collaring drive

While the rest of us enjoyed I-day in quarantine at home, these responsible citizens from various walks of life went on a street drive to fit reflective radium collars to protect stray animals from road accidents. These citizen volunteers also celebrated Friendship Day with their furry friends; they fed more than 1400 street animals of all kinds.
Street dogs are at risk of being run over by speeding vehicles, especially at night in the absence of street lighting. Reflective radium collars is a made-in-India innovation with the possibility of saving countless such lives. The collars around the animal’s neck reflect the headlights and glow in the dark so that motorists can spot the canine from far away and avoid injuring them. The base is made from waterproof material so the pups will stay dry in the rain too.
Members and volunteers from People with Paws and Wings regularly feed, medically treat and spay strays. They took up this initiative with enthusiasm since it would save countless innocent dogs and pups from serious injuries or becoming roadkill. Nearly 200 canines were fed and fitted on I-Day.


Shiv Sena leader Moses Chinappa has been supporting the group of citizen volunteers ranging from doctors and corporate executives to college students. Says volunteer Abhilash Nair who works at an ad agency in Mumbai, “Doing my bit for these animals was a great way to spend Independence Day. They are in need of more help during this pandemic and the quarantine.” Nair is also part of a citizen-led group of animal lovers called Pawsome, which regularly feeds street animals and helps them get adopted.
Socially conscious citizens like these Mira-Bhayandar residents are moving out of their comfort zones in the pandemic to fulfill their CSR for all living beings. What can be more selfless?