Home Press Release CSR: Lyne distributes saplings to its dealers ahead of new year

CSR: Lyne distributes saplings to its dealers ahead of new year

Lyne, the fast rising consumer accessories and wearables brand, distributed saplings to its dealers in Goa and Maharashtra to mark the new year. Around 5000 saplings were distributed by the Lyne team in Goa and Maharashtra.
Lyne has a widespread distribution network throughout the country. With more than 50 super-stockists, followed by hundreds of dealers, distributors, and retailers, the network covers almost all the states of the country. Being in the consumer electronics space, the industry tends to produce a lot of plastic and e-waste.
As a conscious effort to reduce the significant impact that the brand has on the environment, it initiated a sapling distribution drive, which aims to involve more people in the distribution chain to help spread the message of preserving the environment and cutting down on waste. It also encourages consumers to be aware of how a simple step like planting a tree can bring a tremendous change to our environment.
“At Lyne, we are very conscious about the environment, and this is part of our efforts to make sure that our dealers and stockists are also involved in the same. With the New Year around the corner, we wanted to encourage our Lyne family to understand that every small act towards the betterment of the environment goes a long way,” said Meet Vij, Co-Founder, Lyne.
Lyne is a consumer electronics brand that was established in July 2022.


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