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CSR Initiatives Benefitting Farmers in India

Farmers in India

Farming is not an easy vocation. Apart from backbreaking work, it involves a lot of life-threatening risks. The corporates of India have recognized the time and energy this community invests on a daily basis, and have initiated various projects for the benefit of farmers.

ONGC, in collaboration with Eklavya foundation, has created Centre for Agriculture Research and Training in Telangana for training farmers in organic farming using the latest technology. The CSR project involves the construction of hostel, classrooms, computer labs & administrative block at the centre benefiting more than 3500 farmers in organic farming.

Tata Consulting Services has created mKrishi, a customizable Mobile Agro Advisory System to enable farmers to send queries specific to their land crop and receive personalised replies from agricultural experts. The mKrishi service provides information in local languages on weather, soil conditions, fertilizer and pesticides, the price of grains, and other agriculture-related advice. Since 2008, more than 20,000 farmers in 400 villages have subscribed to this service. As the platform uses local language interfaces, including a voice messaging system, mKrishi makes it possible for illiterate farmers to get access to much-needed agricultural information and advice.

Mahindra and Mahindra launched ‘Seed the Rise’ – a digital crowdfunding campaign aimed at supporting Indian farmers who are seeing terrible times due to bad weather and difficult circumstances. In 2015, the organisation launched the Wardha Farmer Family Project, which helped the farmers to solve the drought issue by implementing drip irrigation. This ensured an economic use of water and use of biodynamic techniques which improve soil water retention capacity and groundwater levels.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. initiated a project in partnership with IIM Ahmedabad for the Installation of 100 solar water pumps of 5 HP capacities to encourage the use of solar energy by farmers in the villages.

The government of India is also taking initiatives to encourage more youth into taking up farming. With correct education, safety measures and CSR support, the country will be able to raise more farmers and salvage the loss it suffered in the last decade.

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