Home Press Release CSR: IDEMIA launches GREENPAY, a sustainable end-to-end offer portfolio for financial institutions

CSR: IDEMIA launches GREENPAY, a sustainable end-to-end offer portfolio for financial institutions

Environmental concerns underpin IDEMIA’s business practices. Through GREENPAY, IDEMIA commits to move away from today’s “take-make-waste” attitude to redesign our habits. IDEMIA is proud to develop solutions generating less plastic and paper waste, reducing land and water pollution while also minimizing its carbon footprint.
GREENPAY is IDEMIA’s commitment to continuously improve each part of the payment card value chain, seeking to:
– Minimize the environmental impact of its processes and services
– Develop innovative, eco-friendly products, services and solutions
– Help customers achieve their environmental goals with IDEMIA’s product offering.
GREENPAY encompasses eco-friendly card body solutions, advanced card related services like eco-designed packakging, on-demand printing of PEFC/FSC certified card carrier, digital alert and e-documents among other services that enable finantial institutions to deploy their sustainability transformation.
Over the last few months, IDEMIA’s customers around the world, including Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia, have adopted GREENPAY. For example:
– The RHB[1] Visa WWF Debit Card-i is a recycled PVC payment card which will be available to all new and existing RHB customers in Malaysia from July 2020. The cards contain state-of-the-art technology for seamless payments, have passed all durability tests and are ISO-certified and EMV compliant.
– IDEMIA’s trusted solutions were chosen to accompany BBVA’s[2] customers in the environmental transition journey. This partnership will progressively allow the bank to deliver cards made of “eco friendly” materials to customers in all countries where it has a presence by the end of 2021.
– IDEMIA also offers Treezor[3], a low-natural-resource-consuming card which does not compromise on security or end-user convenience. The collaboration between IDEMIA and Treezor – French banking-as-a-service market leader – has culminated in the launch of the first ever eco-friendly card by a FinTech in France.
– IDEMIA was also awarded the “Environmental Claim Validation Summary” certification by its recycled PVC supplier “UL Environment Inc.”
Furthermore all GREENPAY products & services – through IDEMIA’s certified partner – financially contribute to key environmental projects around the world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations.
Mr. Amit KAKATIKAR, Vice President Payment Cards, IDEMIA: “We at IDEMIA take sustainable development very seriously and we have seen an overwhelming response from Indian leading banks as awareness amongst the customer has been increased. GreenPay cards will be available during the start of 2021 ”
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