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CSR: Humanity In Calamity

Kolkata Calamity

93.5 RED FM has come to the rescue of storm affected people in Kolkata, through their inimitable initiative called Umeedon Ka Repair. Piloted by RJ Praveen on his Morning No.1 Show, Umeedon Ka Repair aims to help people in re-building their lives. Last week a massive storm had hit the city leaving behind a trail of destruction which many in Kolkata had been coping with. The aftermath led to huge property damage in the slum areas and had made several citizens completely homeless. This catastrophe has uprooted them leading to seek refuge in shelters or depending on generosity of their friends.

Amidst such an utterly hopeless condition few devastated residents of Kolkata called up RJ Praveen on his Morning No.1 Show requesting for help. Dharmendra Misra, one of the victims called up Praveen and reported that his roof had completely broken down. Praveen immediately took up the cause, visited the victim’s house and made detailed follow up for the next few days where every development was put on air. He met the local councillor Gautam Haldar who pledged on air to provide aid in fixing Dharmender’s house. The restoration work for Misra’s home started effectively after that!

However, the radio station just didn’t stop there. Amplifying community voices on his morning show, RJ Praveen reached out to more storm victims. Mina Mistri from Camp Bagan was another caller whose small home had totally collapsed. Immediately Praveen himself pledged on air to re-build her house within a stipulated time of one week, so that her nine-member family could shift to their home quickly.

Even in the face of adversity we must keep our resilient spirit alive. There has been a lot of devastation and heart-rending loss after the storm,” said  RJ Praveen. “We have pledged to rehabilitate Dharmendra Misra and Mina Mistri at the earliest and get them back on their feet soon. Tragedy can be unavoidable but the road to recovery shouldn’t be,” he added.

Presently, the entire process of reconstruction is being covered on-air and on digital. Everyone can watch the progress of rebuilding homes sustainably and speedily on RED FM’s official Facebook page and Instagram handle. Apart from rehabilitating these individuals, the radio station has always been a platform for transmitting vital information during emergencies which enables easy connectivity within a community. Keeping the city connected on one platform, 93.5 RED FM is committed to spreading kindness and hope in the community.

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