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CSR: Hero Vired’s latest campaign “Vired out of the box” encourages people to ‘reuse, recycle & upcycle’

Over the last two years, the pandemic has encouraged massive online shopping for everyday necessities. The third wave of coronavirus caught us off guard, with travel restrictions once again leading to a surge in online purchases. On New Year’s Eve, for example, a single company received 2.5 million online food orders. While shopping online is enjoyable, it comes with a lot of cardboard and plastic packaging which eventually reach our landfills, with alarming repercussions on the environment and future generations. Hero Vired’s recent social media campaign, ‘Vired out of the box’, has encouraged people to think ‘out of the box’ and explore their creativity with Origami and other DIY home projects and take a formidable step towards embracing sustainable living.
The campaign is in line with Hero Vired’s larger brand thought of ‘Be Made for Big Things’, encouraging people to think differently and asserting that they are ‘Vired Out of The Box’. At the same time, the campaign takes a larger awakening story and highlights the bigger issue, that with every order one makes, how many boxes go to waste, how we are filling the landfills, disrupting the earth and how it’s increasing carbon footprints.
The campaign, which showcased exciting upcycling ideas and encouraged people to think differently to upcycle waste, managed to strike the right chord on social media, engaging almost 1.5 million people online. Over 50+ people have participated in the conversation led by collaborations with popular influencers like Art Guy Rob, which garnered traffic of more than 5 lakh views along with other DIY and design influencers like Aaquib Wani and Abhinav Yadav. With millions of online orders and deliveries taking place every hour, the campaign has addressed the need for more awareness and action to mitigate the impact of modern lifestyles on the planet.
Sushma Bharath, Head – Programs & Marketing, Hero Vired, said: “The Vired out of the box campaign will encourage  individuals  to develop creative thinking while learning to do their bit towards protecting our planet. The primary objective of the campaign was to explore and visualize the objects around us and view them through a different, more creative lens. Through the campaign, we have taken another step towards helping learners develop ‘out of the box’ skill-sets to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry, a gap that Hero Vired aims to fill”.
Speaking on the campaign, Aaquib Wani, experimental designer and founder of Aaquib Wani Design, said, “As an influencer, I get multiple boxes and packaging almost daily. And I’ve always believed in reusing and upcycling – which I carry forward in my designs and projects too. I feel delighted to be a part of Hero Vired’s social initiative to build awareness and skills in upcycling. It’s such a good and important ask in today’s world with all the waste we produce as it helps majorly in lessening our carbon footprint. Also, it was honestly fun to create something myself rather than just opening a package!”
With this campaign, Hero Vired has underscored the importance of creative thinking, problem-solving, and the need for upskilling and reskilling.

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