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CSR: The Happiness of Indian Mothers


The mental health of an individual is of utmost importance. It is very important for mothers to stay healthy and happy in order to raise offspring that is healthy, mentally and physically.

Society puts demands on a mother to rejoice in each and every aspect of motherhood. However, with the social status and material realities of women in India, happiness or even peace is a faraway concept.

Mothers are expected to ignore their emotional needs caused by hormonal and bodily changes in order to fit their role of a strong pillar of the family. Many women also have to balance their careers along with all the added responsibilities of child raising. Some of them might have help from relatives, doctors, nutritionists, trainers and baby sitters. But even that does not guarantee their happiness.

According to a study of working and non-working urban mothers, stay-at-home mothers are more anxious than mothers who hold jobs. Their anxiety scores increase proportionally to the age of their children.

According to another study published in Delhi Psychiatry Journal, 59 out of 100 women who were pregnant suffered from antepartum depression while 41 per cent suffered from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression affects the mother’s ability to produce breast milk. According to studies, women who are stressed during pregnancy often deliver pre-mature babies who might be underweight. This ultimately hinders the healthy growth of the baby.

According to WHO’s maternal mental health prevention guide, mental health problems in mothers can lead to increased maternal mortality by adversely affecting their health and, more directly, through suicide attempts, especially in two of the world’s most populous countries, India and China.

As we celebrate Children’s Day today, let’s pay heed to the mothers as well.

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