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CSR: FUEL University to be established in Pune

Pune based two well-known young social entrepreneurs Ketan Deshpande and Santosh Huralikoppi are working to establish a private university named FUEL University at Pune, education capital city of India.
“We have submitted a detailed project report (DPR) and DD to Maharashtra State Government. We should be receiving LOI and next steps soon,” said Ketan Deshpande, Founder of a 14 year old social organization – Friends Union For Energising Lives (FUEL).
“FUEL University is our dream project which will come true. The University model is based on German Cooperative University, in which 50% of the time the student undergoes practical hands-on learning with industry partners and the balance 50% on academic curriculum”, Santosh Huralikoppi, Chief Mentor to FUEL said.
Friends Union for Energising Lives (FUEL) was founded in the 2007 by a social entrepreneur Ketan Deshpande, Cambridge Fellow.
“Still long way to go and we will work hard for the legacy and force multiplier impact. Considering Covid- 19 our focus in coming years would be more on Healthcare programs, Pharmacy and paramedics along with Future skills in AI, Digital Marketing etc.”, Ketan said.
“We look forward to establishing the Center of Excellence from day one with Industry partners.”, he further added.
Founded by Ketan Deshpande at the young age of 19, the organization is actively working since 14 years in the field of education and career counselling, training and skill development of the underprivileged children and youths under various corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnerships.
FUEL has been a Global CSR implementation partner of leading corporates and has impacted 45976+ needy youth in past 3 years with Future Skill Development in India as well across the Globe.
FUEL’s flagship program EduRaksha for Jawans’ children has received appreciation from Hon’ble Prime Minister and President of India.

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