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CSR: Disaster Resistant Constructions For Future

Natural Disaster

There has been a constant rise in natural disasters over time because of climate change. Earth has now become rather dangerous to live in. Every once in a while there is another earthquake that has caused ruins to a city or a cyclone that has caused a lot of damage. These disasters have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Apart from this, it has also impacted social, economical and political environment of the world, amplifying the tragedy.

In the wake of these disasters, the world has to prepare itself to face them by building infrastructure that is resistant enough to minimise the damage as much as possible. There are some examples of disaster resistant constructions made around the world to seek inspiration from.

  1. Hurricane resistant beach house in the Hamptons, USA

Beach houses are always fun, but often dangerous because they have high susceptibility to hurricanes and salt corrosion owing to their location. To combat that, Amodt/Plumb Architects built a beach house in the Hamptons, USA using concrete made of locally sourced sand, so that the owners can relish their time at the beach house without the fear of consequences of natural disasters.

  1. Sky Domes in Russia to survive Blizzards

In Russia, the company Sky Dome has designed dome homes which are sustainable and can withstand up to 700 kilograms of snow per square meter. The shape of the dome causes less heat loss which reduces the electricity bills significantly in the winters. Natural materials like pinewood, seaweed, flax and cork are used to construct these houses.

  1. Protect yourselves from wildfires in off grid tiny orange house

Vagavond has built tiny houses that are resistant to pests, fire, water and harsh weather. The house is built using sustainable materials and is insulated using pure wool. The houses are made of wood which is treated with Japanese Yakisugi method which gives it orange colour and makes it fire resistant and durable.

  1. Earthquake resistant home in New Zealand

The family who lost their home to earthquake in New Zealand didn’t want a repeat episode. They had their house rebuilt with concrete and steel. The house named as Ophir was constructed with cedar and black zinc cladding.

  1. Disaster resistant architecture by Cal-Earth

With an aim to solve housing needs for refugees, Iranian architect Nader Khalili gave up on his career of constructing high rise buildings and started pursuing earth architecture. His company Cal Earth builds and teaches the process of building comfortable homes made from sandbags, barbed wire and earth.

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